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InfoQ Homepage News Visual Studio Unit Testing Enhancements for Windows Store and Windows Phone

Visual Studio Unit Testing Enhancements for Windows Store and Windows Phone

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Microsoft recently released Community Technology Preview (CTP) of Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 with several new features for Team Foundation Server such as work item tagging and Web based test case management. The latest update includes improved test explorer which displays the coded UI test details and also provides an ability to tag work items which enables developers to filter work items and display associated tasks.

Visual Studio Update 2 provides support for Windows Phone Unit Tests which enables you to author, run and debug unit tests for Windows Phone 8 either on an emulator or a physical device right from Visual Studio 2012.

Visual Studio Update 2 provides support for unit testing Windows Store apps with two new features added to the Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestPlatform.UnitTestFramework.AppContainer namespace. While Assert.ThrowsException<T> method enables you to test whether an exception is thrown in an async lambda expression, UITestMethodAttribute attribute [UITestMethod] enables you to run unit tests on the main UI thread.

Microsoft has integrated debugger into code map, introduces Git version control in team foundation service and enables you to test non windows based applications and environments without installing any tools with the help of a web based test case management system. Charles Sterling, Program Manager, VSTS has provided the steps required to resolve few known issues which he encountered while working with Visual Studio Update 2 CTP.

Visual Studio Update 2 includes advanced SharePoint 2010 load testing which enables you to test workflows, InfoPath forms with support for request plugin, excel services, manage metadata, lookup columns and Office Web Companions. With the help of Update 2, you can parameterize the input data in an XML file for web and load testing scenarios.

Check out Jeff Martin’s article for the coverage of additional features related to Kanban, SharePoint and team explorer dialog.

Microsoft has also announced the availability of OData API for Team Foundation Service which enables developers to build applications for multiple device types and operating systems which interact with projects on TFS..

Going forward, Microsoft will only provide support for IE 9 and IE 10 from the next major release of TFS. According to reports coming in, the software giant has dropped IE 8 support and will not test the next version of TFS on it.

"We will, of course, support IE9, IE10, whatever the latest version of IE is at any given time, the latest version of Chrome, Firefox and Safari," adds Brian Harry, Product Unit Manager, Team Foundation Server.

Roger Willis is of the opinion that government customers who have standardized on IE8 are screwed for TFS12. He also request Microsoft to support TFS 2012 with updates for the next 24 months.

Dave Shaw

I think most people would welcome your resources been spent on new features, than supporting old browsers that >90% of users don't use.

Simon commented:

I've tried to push for TFS in my current workplace (a 30k+ user company) but they are resistant to change as it's higher risk, and off teh back of that they're still 2k and XP across the board at the moment - IE8 is as far as things go.  This will increase their resistance.

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