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InfoQ Homepage News DevExpress XAML v13.2 Adds Windows 8.1 Support, PDF Viewer, Flyout and Radial Menu Controls

DevExpress XAML v13.2 Adds Windows 8.1 Support, PDF Viewer, Flyout and Radial Menu Controls

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DevExpress has updated its XAML controls suite to support the new features of Windows 8.1 such as application resizing mechanism, on-demand style loading. It also includes an ability to load XAML faster since XAML controls pre-compiles to a binary format.

"With version 13.2, our controls support a new resizing mechanism. You can resize an app to a minimum width. When resized, the app will operate correctly and the look, feel and experience will appear perfectly - at any size," said Ray Navasarkian, CEO, DevExpress.

XAML controls for Windows 8.1 includes a new PDF viewer control with support for touch gestures, printing, multiple page view styles including an ability to render directly to a DirectX drawing surface thereby minimizing resources and productivity.

"Since Windows 8.1 delivers a touch-first UI experience, all of our XAML 8 Controls have been optimized to be touch-first. This extends to the PDF Viewer Control - so that end-users can use touch gestures while viewing/navigating the PDF documents displayed in the control," says Ray.

XAML controls for Windows 8.1 also includes a new tile control that support new sizing options and animations. Moreover, the updated Grid control provides support for Microsoft Excel style data filtering, horizontal virtualization and optimized scrolling implementation.

DevExpress XAML 8 Controls v13.2 also includes a Flyout control which can be represented by a hint or popup panel in addition to a Radial menu control that enables developers to extend applications and build quick access touch-centric interfaces.

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