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InfoQ Homepage News Cordova 3.4 Embraces Firefox OS

Cordova 3.4 Embraces Firefox OS

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Taking a detour from their original pure-HTML5 approach to mobile development, Mozilla has been working on adding support for Firefox OS to Cordova, which has happened with the latest Cordova 3.4.0.

To create Firefox OS applications with Cordova, developers can use App Manager, a Firefox-based tool for testing, debugging and deploying applications on a real device or on the Firefox OS Simulator. Mozilla has provided detailed instructions for building such applications using the following plug-ins currently implemented for Cordova: Notification, Compass, Accelerometer, Camera, Contacts, and Geolocation, while others are in work in progress, such as Network, File, File Transfer, Media, Battery, etc.

Mozilla is extending their Phones for Apps program, providing devices (one phone per app) for those interested in porting their “well-rated” HTML5 app to Firefox OS. Developers can apply for the program here: Phones for Cordova/PhoneGap Ports application.

Regarding Adobe, while on one hand they are adding support for Firefox OS, on the other hand PhoneGap  and PhoneGap Build dropped support for webOS, Symbian or Blackberry <=7.0 for apps using PhoneGap >=3.0, and PhoneGap Build will terminate support for webOS, Symbian, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7 in July. Users are invited to use older versions of the platform for those mobile operating systems. On the bright side of the announcement, PhoneGap Build will support Windows Phone 8 and is “looking into supporting” Blackberry 10 and Firefox OS.

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