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InfoQ Homepage News PhoneGap 3.5.0 No Longer Supports iOS 5 and Won’t Support WP 7

PhoneGap 3.5.0 No Longer Supports iOS 5 and Won’t Support WP 7

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Cordova/PhoneGap 3.5.0 no longer support iOS 5, 3.6.0+ will not support WP 7, and future updates will come through npm.

Built on the same version of Cordova, PhoneGap 3.5.0 has stopped supporting iOS 5. The main reason is that Cordova supports only the current iOS version and the previous one, according to this feature ticket. This means iPad 1 is no longer supported because iPad 1 cannot be upgraded to iOS 6.

Another change was dropping support for iOS 6 arm64 binaries since Apple required to provide only 32-bit versions for applications targeting iOS 6. Also, Xcode 5.0.1 and later generate both 32-bit for iOS 6 and 32 plus 64-bit binaries for iOS 7.

This version of PhoneGap is the last to support Windows Phone 7.

The recommended way of installing PhoneGap is no longer downloading the archive but doing it through npm. All platforms have received a top level package.json file and have been loaded on npm. Future updates of the framework are going to be delivered through npm instead of git.

The complete release notes contain detailed information for all the changes brought by this new version.

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