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Scrum Meets Management 3.0

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Management 3.0 is an approach to leading, managing, and growing agile teams or organizations. Arne Ahlander, CST, founder and principal consultant at Aqqurite AB, presented a session at Regional Scrum Gathering India 2014 on how to apply the latest management ideas to strengthen scrum. He started his session with the discussion on some good and bad examples of management support in scrum implementation. He divided people in small groups and asked them to write good and bad managment examples. Then everyone discussed their real time scenarios, challenges faced and support gained from management in their scrum journey.

Management 3.0 focuses on following traits of agile leaders and managers:

  1. Develop competence: Managers should help team members to develop competence to achieve their goals. Giving the opportunities to work on challenging tasks, help in increasing competence level of employees.
  2. Grow structure: Creating a structure to increase communication and collaboration within team members.
  3. Improve everything: People, teams and organizations should focus on continuous improvement to defer failure. Continuous improvement
  4. Energize people: Managers should help people in increasing their motivation and appreciate them to be creative and active.
  5. Empower teams: Management supports team members to become self-organized and empower them to take decisions.
  6. Align constraints: Self-organization requires that the system be surrounded by a containing boundary. Containing boundary directs self-organization towards value.

Based on above six views people discussed how those can be applied with scrum, which role is best suited to apply those views and how management could use it.

Then people discussed those views on three scenarios:

  • A new team that is new to scrum,
  • A mature team that is new to scrum and
  • A mature team that has struggled with the implementation of scrum for a year.

Management 3.0 leadership skills are beneficial in scrum adoption. Teams need support from management to be self-organized and getting the appropriate organizational structure.

More information about management 3.0 is available on the book “Management 3.0: Leading Agile Developers, Developing Agile Leaders”, written by Jurgen Appelo, CEO at Happy Melly.

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