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InfoQ Homepage News Amazon Releases Official AWS Mobile SDK 2

Amazon Releases Official AWS Mobile SDK 2

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After a few months spent in Developer Preview, the Amazon Web Services Mobile SDK version 2 is ready for general development. According to Amazon, the final release takes into account feedback received from developers during the preview in order to improve the SDK with some new features.

Here are some of the more significant improvements:

  • The method count in the AWS Mobile SDK for Android has been reduced by 40% to make sure Android's limit on the number of methods is not exceeded.

  • The SDK supports offline sync using Amazon Cognito, a user identity and data synchronization service. This allows to queue requests made when the device is offline so they can be executed when internet connectivity is available.

  • The AWS Mobile SDK for iOS now includes support for pre-signed Amazon S3 URLs, which allow to access the object identified in the URL, provided that the creator of the pre-signed URL has permissions to access that object. You can use these URLS to perform background transfers with iOS NSURLSession class, which runs outside of the app that initiated the request.

The AWS SDK supports several Amazon web services:

InfoQ already provided a short introduction to AWS Mobile SDK 2 Developer Preview, that describes its main features. In addition to the official AWS SDK 2 github repo, Amazon has made available sample apps for both iOS and Android showing how to integrate Cognito, DynamoDB, and S3 Transfers.

A full list of all changes from developer preview version can be found in the release notes for iOS and Android.

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