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InfoQ Homepage News CppDepend now Supports C and C++14

CppDepend now Supports C and C++14


CppDepend is a primarily a source code analyzer, with features geared towards making it easier to understand large code bases with complex interdependencies. In addition, it can integrate with static analyzers.

Built into CppDepend is the analyzer from Clang. As of version 5, it can exposes all of the diagnostic messages that Clang providers. Because of the tight integration, Clang messages can be queried using CQLinq.

Other static code analyzers are incorporated by importing result files. This is configured using an XML-based file. Out of the box, configuration files are provided for CppCheck and CPD. Once imported, these results can also be queried using CQLing.

New for version 5 is support for C and C++14. The C support required significant changes to how CppDepend presents its information. In previous versions it was based on “namespaces, types, methods”, which didn’t work for the directory/file based organization found in C projects.

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