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InfoQ Homepage News MuleSoft Announces ESB 3.6 and Anypoint Platform for Mobile

MuleSoft Announces ESB 3.6 and Anypoint Platform for Mobile


MuleSoft has announced this month the release of ESB 3.6 runtime, improvements to Anypoint Studio and the Anypoint Platform for Mobile to support mobile application development.

The latest updates from MuleSoft started this month with Mule ESB 3.6 which features a new HTTP Connector supporting non-blocking I/O. The previous HTTP connector will still be supported for all 3.x releases but will be deprecated starting with 4.0. The community AMQP Connector has been enhanced to support multi-channel receivers and it is now officially supported by MuleSoft.

Anypoint Studio has been improved to support all ESB 3.6 features, but it was also extended to provide connectivity to RAML-built APIs via the new HTTP connector. The Studio is now based on Eclipse 4.4 and has better flow design with separate containers for message sources and logic.

For the mobile space, MuleSoft has created the Anypoint Platform for Mobile enabling developers to design, create and manage APIs for mobile applications connecting to Salesforce, SAP, ServiceNow, Siebel and other data sources via over 100 connectors. They have also included 14 templates for setting up these mobile connections.

.NET developers can consume RAML APIs from Visual Studio or generate APIs for ASP.NET Web API 2. There is also support for Sharepoint and Dynamics APIs and mapping between .NET object and RAML APIs via the DataSense .NET Connector. Developers can build connections to the Azure Service Bus APIs for cloud messaging.

The Mule Platform 3.6 now supports XPath 2.0, XSLT 2.0, XQuery 1.0, and provides basic support for XML 3.0. Although XML 3.0 is now yet standardized by W3C, MuleSoft has implemented it because they do not expect substantial changes since the standard is in “last call” status.

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