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InfoQ Homepage News Google Introduces Cloud Storage Nearline Service

Google Introduces Cloud Storage Nearline Service


Google expanded its cloud portfolio to add a cheaper cloud-based backup service called Cloud Storage Nearline.

The dropping cloud storage costs are encouraging customers to move backup and archives to cloud from traditional mediums like tape and DVDs. Amazon Glacier and Azure Backup Service are becoming cloud-based alternatives to tape drives. Google is the latest entrant into the cloud-based backup services.

Google Cloud Storage Nearline is a low cost variant of the object storage service called Google Cloud Storage. Google claims that it costs the same as tape-based backups while providing faster access to data. The service uses the same API as Google Cloud Storage instantly making it interoperable with existing tools and services design to work with the object storage service. Google Cloud Storage Nearline is best suited for workloads such as cold storage and disaster recovery. Google is challenging offline storage mechanisms by offering Nearline Storage almost at the same cost. Unlike the traditional backup mediums, the latency is much lower. In terms of durability, the service is as durable as data stored in the standard storage class.

Source: Google

Customers can access data in a Nearline Storage in the same way they access data from object storage. The same APIs, tools, and UI that are used for Google Cloud Storage work with Nearline Storage. Developers can consume the XML API and JSON API along with the command-line tool, console, and the client libraries.

Amazon Glacier, a similar service offered by AWS doesn’t provide instant access to archival data. Depending on the size of the dataset, it may take a few hours to a few days. Amazon discourages bulk retrieval of data by charging a higher price. The APIs are different from Amazon S3 forcing developers to deal with separate libraries and SDKs. Nearline Storage’s differentiating factor is in its faster retrieval time and compatibility with Google Cloud Storage. Customers incur the cost only when they read data the stored with the Nearline Storage. With just a cent per 1GB / month, Google matches the price point of the competitors.

Google claims that Nearline Storage delivers 3 second response times for data retrieval with improved SLAs. While in beta, this service is not covered by SLAs.

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