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InfoQ Homepage News OData.NET Is Now Open Sourced on GitHub

OData.NET Is Now Open Sourced on GitHub

Microsoft has released the source code for all OData .NET Libraries on GitHub.

The following OData-related projects are now on GitHub:

  • ODataLib
  • EdmLib
  • OData Client for .NET
  • The spatial library
  • OData Client Code Generator
  • Web API for OData
  • RESTier
  • C++ Server and Client
  • Python Client
  • OData4ObjC

The OData.NET project is organized under three branches: Master – for OData V4, ODATAV3 – maintenance for OData V 1-3, and WCFDSV4 – maintenance for WCF Data Services OData Server.

According to a team’s blog post, they have fully moved their projects to GitHub for uniformity – “No more some-on-GitHub and some-on-CodePlex”-, transparency due to “transparent planning via GitHub issues and transparent execution via commit history” and to promote involvement, promising to “actively review and merge” code contributions.

A former adversary of open source, Microsoft has been quite active in this space lately, open sourcing key pieces of their technology including .NET Core, Roslyn and ASP.NET 5. It is also interesting to note that they have embraced GitHub in spite of their own CodePlex, although the later supports git. There seems to be a trend for new projects to be open sourced on GitHub, even those coming from Facebook, Google, and Microsoft, companies which have enough resources to run their own repositories. This raises questions regarding the future of other revision control software systems such as Mercurial or Subversion.

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