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Agile 2015 Interviews and Commentary

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At the Agile 2015 conference in Washington, DC two organisations had video booths set up to record interviews with participants, speakers and organizers of the event.

The Agile Alliance had a booth and a wandering cameraman and is has so far published over 45 videos on their Vimeo channel. Dave Prior and Chris Li spoke to a wide cross-section of participants, volunteers and speakers to understand their impressions of the conference and their topics of interest. 

SolutionsIQ was a sponsor of the conference, however instead of promoting their services they set up their sponsor booth as a video recording studio and their agile coaches interviewed over 35 speakers and participants.  They've made the videos freely available via their Resources page

InfoQ also recorded over 30 interviews which will be released over the coming months. 

Full disclosure: This reporter was interviewed by both the Agile Alliance and Solutions IQ. 


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