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InfoQ Homepage News Neo4j 2.3 Supports In-Memory Page Cache, Docker Tools and IBM POWER8 Integration

Neo4j 2.3 Supports In-Memory Page Cache, Docker Tools and IBM POWER8 Integration

Latest version of Graph NoSQL database Neo4j supports in-memory page cache, Docker tools, enhanced query planner and IBM POWER8 integration. Neo4j team announced last week at GraphConnect Conference, the release of version 2.3 which also supports query development with graph and text string search.

The new graph cache is off the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) heap and provides vertical scaling, concurrency and better performance with large graphs.

Cypher query planner is also enhanced and now offers the following advantages:

  • Find cost effective execution paths where they exist
  • Run common queries using algorithms such as triadic selection
  • Auto-detect and use indexes where they exist, for queries combining graph pattern matching with numeric range queries

With official Docker support, Neo4j 2.3 also helps with DevOps enablement and to deploy Neo4j both on-premise and in the cloud.

Additional features in new release include the following:

  • New drivers and integrations for Spring Data Neo4j 4.0
  • New Neo4j Browser options for improved accessibility
  • Windows management with full support for Windows PowerShell

In a related news, Neo4j also announced partnership with IBM to deploy the graph database on IBM hardware. IBM Power Systems provide extended memory space with CAPI flash architecture to accommodate storing and managing large graph data sets.

You can download the latest version and to get more details about Neo4j 2.3 release, check out their blog post.


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