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InfoQ Homepage News QCon SF '15:Uber, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix Case Studies; Adrian Crockcroft & Erik Meijer Confirmed

QCon SF '15:Uber, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix Case Studies; Adrian Crockcroft & Erik Meijer Confirmed


QCon San Francisco is coming up on November 16th-18th and registrations are up 49% over last year. QCon’s annual practitioner-driven conference is designed for top-level software developers and influencers. The conference offers a curated list of expert practioners speaking about real-world experiences. Here are just a few of the people confirmed to speak at QCon San Francisco:

A full schedule and list of talks is available at However, a quick glance at the tracks shows topics ranging from containers to scalability, streaming data to architecting for failure. QCon San Francisco offers a lot of technology exposure in one location.  Here is a list of several sessions that stood out.

In addition to the conference itself, QCon San Francisco offers two bonus days of workshops (Nov 19-20). These workshops have some impressive names confirmed, including Erik Meijer (creator of LINQ) and Adrian Crockcroft (led Netflix architecture). QCon’s workshops are focused on hands-on practical skills sought out by developers looking for deep technical training, including:

Registration is $2,095 ($400 off) for the 3 day event until Oct 31st, and the price increases afterwards each month. QCon is produced by

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