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InfoQ Homepage News JetBrains Releases DataGrip 1.0 for SQL DBAs and Developers

JetBrains Releases DataGrip 1.0 for SQL DBAs and Developers

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A year behind the schedule, JetBrains has made generally available the DBA tool DataGrip 1.0. Formerly known as 0xDBE, DataGrip is a tool for SQL database administrators and developers.

DataGrip contains in one place database administration instruments usually scattered throughout some of their other tools. DataGrip enables users to edit dabase objects, including entire rows, manage tables, columns, or indices keys. It comes with code completion, multiple cursors, syntax-aware selection, integration with Git, Subversion and other VCS, and a plug-in mechanism. DataGrip can be used to manage the most important SQL databases including Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Apache Derby, HyperSQL and H2, but it works with any database that has a JDBC driver.

When we asked JetBrains what have they been working on since the Early Access Preview of 0xDBE, they said:

  • Faster and more accurate schema introspection of databases. We’ve reworked the way the IDE fetches meta information about database objects and as a result, the UI has also changed. Now you can group objects in the Database view.
  • Modify table action — available from the Database tool window, or even the Editor or the Query Console. This action lets you add, change and remove columns, indices, and foreign keys
  • Code generation in Modify Table lets you generate DDL scripts for any change you make with live preview. You can also modify existing DDL with the help of UI and generate adding indexes, keys or columns to a created table.
  • Text search in table editor with Ctrl+F (Cmd-F for OS X). It’s especially helpful if you don’t know which exact column contains the data you’re looking for. Regular Expressions are available for this search as well. You can hide irrelevant rows when searching over a table.
  • We’ve added a dedicated action for opening a new console so you can assign any shortcut to it to open it even faster. Several open consoles are available, and you can switch between them via the Files tool window, or the Recent Files menu, or the Navigation toolbar. Each console now has a schema switcher.
  • Consoles are now equipped with local history. Use it to review the changes you’ve made to SQL code in a particular console, or compare versions in the diff viewer and revert if needed
  • We’ve extended execution options. First, running under selection is now improved and works in files. You can choose what to do with selected SQL code: run as several statements, run as one statement, or make a smart expansion to a valid script.When the cursor is inside a query, statement execution can now be customized with a few possible options. Define its intended behavior: execute the smallest statement, the largest statement, or ask you to choose what to execute.If the cursor is outside of any statement, you can configure it to do nothing, execute the whole file, or execute statements to the end.
  • An execution plan for statements visually represents the operations the database performs in order to return the data required by your query. and helps you optimize the query. Choose to view the plan graphically or in a table format.
  • DataGrip can edit CSV files as tables. Click on Edit As Table in the context menu, and then choose the delimiter, specify if the table has a header, when to quote values, etc. An instant table preview is available.
  • With DataGrip you can always see your tables and their relationships on a visual diagram, available by pressing Ctrl+Alt+U or from the context menu of the objects you want to visualize. The column with primary and foreign keys can be hidden from the diagram and be shown only on relation lines. These diagrams may be exported to image files as necessary.

Regarding the roadmap, we have been told that they intend to:

  • Improve DB schema introspection & DDL generation;
  • Support triggers & all that goes beyond JDBC API.
  • Also to make some enhancements to table editor like multi-cells update and value completion.
  • Visual diagrams are supposed to become editable and we plan to make diff viwer for query plans.
  • And we are thinking about some minor support for NoSQL.

DataGrip comes as part of JetBrains ToolBox but it can also be purchased separately.

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