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Google Releases .Net APIs for Google Cloud

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Google recently announced .Net support for Google Cloud APIs. This includes C# bindings and PowerShell cmdlets. A Visual Studio extension is also available, allowing to browse Google Cloud resources and to deploy Asp.Net applications on Google Compute Engine.

C# bindings for Google Cloud APIs

The C# bindings provide access to the following Google Cloud services:

  • Google BigQuery
  • Google Cloud Datastore
  • Google Cloud Logging
  • Google Cloud Pub/Sub
  • Google Cloud Storage
  • Google Cloud Natural Language
  • Google Cloud Vision

The Google Cloud bindings have their own repository. The bindings for other supported Google services can be found on GitHub. Both are published on Nuget.

The Google services have usually been implemented using HTTP and Json. The newer ones such as Google Cloud APIs are built on top of gRPC, an high performance RPC framework. gRPC brings, aside from performance considerations, bidirectional streaming which is required by the APIs.

Most Google APIs run on the .NET Core runtime while support for the remaining APIs is underway.

PowerShell support
Google Cloud tools for PowerShell consists of cmdlets to manage your Google Cloud resources. It is currently in Beta and a warning in the documentation states breaking changes in the APIs are possible at this point.

Cloud Tools for PowerShell is included in the Windows version of the Google Cloud SDK.

The services supported are:
Google Cloud DNS
Google Cloud SQL
Google Cloud Storage
Google Compute Engine

Visual Studio extension
The Google Cloud Platform Extension for Visual Studio provides tools to visualise Google Cloud Storage and Google Compute Engine usage. It also provides support for deploying ASP.NET 4.x applications to Google Compute Engine.

This first release opens the door for more features in the future. Being able to deploy ASP.NET Core applications to Google App Engine or Google Container Engine is one notable feature in progress.

The C# bindings, PowerShell cmdlets and Vistual Studio extension are all open source projects available on GitHub.

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