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C++17 Is Ready

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At its winter meeting in Kona, HI, USA, the ISO C++ committee has finalized work on C++17, writes Herb Sutter. Here is a short summary of its main features.

The Kona meeting was mostly aimed to address review comments from national bodies and to fix bugs, so it did not bring many new features. In particular, a new std::byte type has been added at Kona to streamline the way programs deal with byte-oriented access to memory. This is currently done using either the char, signed char, or unsigned char types, which is less than ideal since those types support char and arithmetic operations. On the other hand, std::byte will be a separate, dedicated type.

Other significant new features in C++17 include:

The list of new features in C++17 is sufficiently long to not be possible to list all of them here. This answer on Stack Overflow provides a succinct summary, complete up to the latest meeting in Kona, including pointers to the official committee documents.

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