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InfoQ Homepage News John Gossman on Microsoft’s Serverless Platform, Azure Functions and Logic Apps

John Gossman on Microsoft’s Serverless Platform, Azure Functions and Logic Apps

John Gossman, lead architect at Microsoft Azure, spoke on Thursday at ServerlessConf Conference about Microsoft's open source Serverless platform. Serverless architecture, as an evolution of Platform as a Service (PaaS), helps with the abstraction of the services and infrastructure but it also accelerates the application development and innovation.

Gossman talked about the Serverless application platform components like functions and bindings (e.g. database). The platform consists of Azure Functions and Logic Apps. It also provides other capabilities like Serverless data storage, messaging, gateway connector, intelligence and bots.

Azure Functions combines the code with events to help developers build applications by leveraging the built-in connectors and bindings. Yochay Kiriaty showed how Azure Functions work with a sample application using the input trigger and output trigger (Queue trigger function) in JavaScript.

The Logic apps component includes a visual designer, several connectors, functions orchestration and workflow in the cloud. It includes a workflow designer for defining the application control flows. Logic Apps comes with Cloud APIs and several built-in connectors including Microsoft Cognitive Services, artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision and speech detection.

Jeff Hollan gave a demo of how to use the Logic Apps but connecting to a data source like Twitter and using Azure cognitive services for text analytics, and then by publishing the results to a PowerBI real-time dashboard.

Chris Anderson showed a demo on how to monitor the Serverless platform components using the options like alerts, live stream view and smart detection. At the end of the presentation, Gossman talked about the TypeScript integration, tooling options and Azure Functions Portal available in the serverless platform.



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