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InfoQ Homepage News QCon London 2018 - Presentations About Machine Learning

QCon London 2018 - Presentations About Machine Learning

Neural Networks Across Space and Time
Dave Snowdon
Staff Engineer @VMware


Real-Time Data Analysis and ML for FraudPrevention
Mikhail Kourjanski
PayPal Lead Data Architect, Risk and Compliance Management Platform


Machine Intelligence at Google Scale
Guillaume Laforge
Developer Advocate at Google Cloud and PMC Chair for Apache Groovy


Focusing On What Matters
Tim Kadlec
Performance consultant and trainer


Pragmatic Resiliency: Super 6 & Sky Bet Evolution
Michael Maibaum
Chief Architect @SkyBet


Logistics as a Service: Building the Ocado Smart Platform
Paul Sweetman Head of Software Architecture @Ocado
Alex Harvey Head of Robotics and Autonomous Systems @Ocado


Real-Time Decisions Using ML on the Google Cloud Platform
Carlos Garcia Ocado Smart Platform Fraud Team Lead
Przemyslaw Pastuszka ML Engineer @Ocado


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