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InfoQ Homepage News QCon New York 2019 Videos - Release Schedule

QCon New York 2019 Videos - Release Schedule

Over the course of 4 months, you can take a trip down memory lane and experience the presentations you attended or the ones you missed due to conflicting presentations. Videos of the presentations will be posted on Enterprise Software Development Community. Below you can find the publication calendar:

15 JUL
  1. Learning from Machines
  2. No Moore Left to Give: Enterprise Computing after Moore's Law
  3. Ignite the Fire - How Managers Can Spark New Leaders
  4. Artificial Pancreas System: #WeAreNotWaiting in Healthcare
  5. Java Futures, 2019 Edition
  1. Ashi Krishnan
  2. Bryan Cantrill
  3. Nick Caldwell
  4. Dana Lewis
  5. Brian Goetz
22 JUL
  1. Maximizing Performance with GraalVM
  2. The Service Mesh: It's about Traffic
  3. Introduction to SMI (the Service Mesh Interface)
  4. Rust, WebAssembly, and Javascript Make Three: An FFI Story
  5. Scaling Infrastructure Engineering at Slack
  1. Thomas Wuerthinger
  2. Oliver Gould
  3. Brendan Burns
  4. Ashley Williams
  5. Julia Grace
29 JUL
  1. PID Loops and the Art of Keeping Systems Stable
  2. Driving Technology Transformation at @WeWork
  3. Making 'npm install' Safe
  4. Video Streaming at Scale
  5. Not Sold Yet, GraphQL: A Humble Tale from Skeptic to Enthusiast
  6. A Dive into Streams @LinkedIn with Brooklin
  1. Colm MacCárthaigh
  2. Hugo Haas
  3. Kate Sills
  4. Lysa Banks
  5. Garrett Heinlen
  6. Celia Kung
  1. EBtree - Design for a Scheduler and Use (Almost) Everywhere
  2. Using Bets, Boards and Missions to Inspire Org-wide Agility
  3. Leaving the Ivory Tower: Research in the Real World
  4. Panel: The Promises and Perils of Eschewing Distributed Coordination
  5. Tackling Computing Challenges @CERN
  1. Andjelko Iharos
  2. John Cutler
  3. Armon Dadgar
  4. Cindy Sridharan, Colm MacCárthaigh, Chenggang Wu, Armon Dadgar, Peter Mattis, Sean T. Allen
  5. Maria Girone
12 AUG
  1. Let's Talk Locks!
  2. Psychologically Safe Process Evolution in a Flat Structure
  3. Hands-on Feature Engineering for Natural Language Processing
  4. Machine-to-Machine Interfaces
  5. Breaking Hierarchy - How Spotify Enables Engineer Decision Making
  1. Kavya Joshi
  2. Christopher Lucian
  3. Susan Li
  4. Ari Lerner
  5. Kristian Lindwall
19 AUG
  1. Getting Started in Deep Learning with TensorFlow 2.0
  2. The State of Serverless Computing
  3. From Research to Production with PyTorch
  4. MLflow: An Open Platform to Simplify the Machine Learning Lifecycle
  5. Rendering Large Models in the Browser in Real-Time
  1. Brad Miro
  2. Chenggang Wu
  3. Jeff Smith
  4. Corey Zumar
  5. Shwetha Nagaraja, Federico Rocha
26 AUG
  1. Time Predictions in Uber Eats
  2. Self-selection for Resilience and Better Culture
  3. Build Cross Platform Apps with Flutter
  4. Panel: ML for Developers/SWEs
  1. Zi Wang
  2. Dana Pylayeva
  3. Faisal Abid
  4. Hien Luu, Jeff Smith, Brad Miro, Ashi Krishnan
  1. Effective Communication - Get Buy-in Faster by Asking Better Questions
  2. Conquering Microservices Complexity @Uber with Distributed Tracing
  3. The Trouble with Learning in Complex Systems
  4. Practical DDD: Bounded Contexts + Events => Microservices
  5. Liberating Structures @CapitalOne
  1. Roi Ben-Yehuda
  2. Yuri Shkuro
  3. Jason Hand
  4. Indu Alagarsamy
  5. Greg Myers
  1. CockroachDB: Architecture of a Geo-distributed SQL Database
  2. Getting Real About Managing Up
  3. Building Resilient Serverless Systems
  4. Sink or Swim - Effective Collaboration between Eng & Product
  1. Peter Mattis
  2. Kellan Elliott-McCrea
  3. John Chapin
  4. Jean Barmash, Khadija Ali
16 SEP
  1. Scaling DB Access for Billions of Queries Per Day @PayPal
  2. Are We Really Cloud-Native?
  3. Privacy Tools and Techniques for Developers
  4. Datadog: A Real Time Metrics Database for One Quadrillion Points/Day
  5. Thinking Methods - Systems Thinking at Work and Play
  1. Petrica Voicu, Kenneth Kang
  2. Bert Ertman
  3. Amber Welch
  4. Ian Nowland, Joel Barciauskas
  5. Wil Wade
23 SEP
  1. The Trouble with Memory
  2. Modern WAF Bypass Scripting Techniques for Autonomous Attacks
  3. Peloton - Uber's Webscale Unified Scheduler on Mesos & Kubernetes
  4. The Not-So-Straightforward Road From Microservices to Serverless
  5. From Developer to Security: How I Broke into Infosec
  1. Kirk Pepperdine
  2. Johnny Xmas
  3. Mayank Bansal, Min Cai
  4. Phil Calçado
  5. Rey Bango
30 SEP
  1. Empathy: A Keystone Habit
  2. Robot Social Engineering: Social Engineering Using Physical Robots
  3. Panel: Which Java Vendor Should I Choose?
  4. Beyond Entitlements for Cloud-Native
  5. Alibaba Container Platform Infrastructure - a Kubernetes Approach
  1. Paul Tevis
  2. Brittany Postnikoff
  3. Jeanne Boyarsky, Simon Ritter, Tony Printezis, Sai Sharan Donthi
  4. Chandra Guntur, Hong Liu
  5. Fei Guo
  1. How Did Things Go Right? Learning More From Incidents
  2. Cultivating High-Performing Teams in Hypergrowth
  3. Graceful Degradation as a Feature
  4. What Breaks Our Systems: A Taxonomy of Black Swans
  5. Everyday Efficiencies
  1. Ryan Kitchens
  2. Patrick Kua
  3. Lorne Kligerman
  4. Laura Nolan
  5. Todd Montgomery
14 OCT
  1. How to Evolve Kubernetes Resource Management Model
  2. High Performance Remote and Distributed Teams
  3. Building and Operating a Serverless Data Pipeline
  4. Context Matters: Improving the Performance and Wellbeing of Teams
  5. Rust's Journey to Async/await
  1. Jiaying Zhang
  2. Randy Shoup
  3. Will Norman
  4. Shawn Carney, Zofia Ciechowska
  5. Steve Klabnik
21 OCT
  1. Building a High-Performance Networking Protocol for Microservices
  2. Making a Lion Bulletproof: SRE in Banking
  3. Achieving Low-latency in the Cloud with OSS
  4. How Much Does It Cost to Attack You?
  5. High Performance Cooperative Distributed Systems in Adtech
  1. Robert Roeser, Arsalan Farooq
  2. Robin van Zijll, Janna Brummel
  3. Mark Price
  4. Jarrod Overson
  5. Stan Rosenberg
28 OCT
  1. Multi-Language Infrastructure as Code
  2. Maintaining the Go Crypto Libraries
  3. Inside Job: How to Build Great Teams Within a Legacy Organization?
  4. Navigating Complexity: High-Performance Delivery and Discovery Teams
  5. Securing a Multi-Tenant Kubernetes Cluster
  1. Joe Duffy
  2. Filippo Valsorda
  3. Zoe Gagnon, Francisco Trindade
  4. Conal Scanlon
  5. Kirsten Newcomer
Note: These dates are subject to change without notice.



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