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QCon New York 2020 Registrations Open & Top Videos from QCon NY 2019


QCon New York, the practitioner-focused software conference that attracts attendees from all over the world, returns to the Marriott Marquis, June 15-19, 2020, for the 9th year. QCon is organized by the people behind InfoQ, and is dedicated to providing a platform for technical leaders and engineers to learn about, engage with, and explore key lessons from building and delivering modern software systems.

The QCon conference series enables software leaders to share their story within the global epicenters of software development, such as Beijing, London, San Francisco, Munich, Sao Paulo, Shanghai, and New York.

At QCon, the focus is on sharing talks from organizations and teams that are driving innovation and change in global software development. All of the talks focus on patterns and practices, not products and pitches, and include implementable ideas you can take back to your teams. Software professionals attend QCon to discover new ideas, insights, and solutions to solve their software challenges. QCon believes in:

  • Practitioners first: QCon features engineers over evangelists, practitioners over trainers/coaches, team leads over consultants.
  • Talks, Open Spaces, AMAs, and Panels: Each attendee learns in different ways, and so we create sessions that support the asking of advanced questions, and help increase inclusion and also tap the audience's knowledge base.
  • Low attendee to speaker ratio: At approximately 11 to 1, QCon gives you the best access to discuss key topics with your peers and other top engineering minds.
  • Longer breaks: Connections are often made in the hallway track. As technical leaders and engineers, we know this and we create opportunities for you to do so.
  • No hidden marketing: All content at QCon is clearly indicated and separated between sponsored and non-sponsored talks (85% of the talks are curated and not sponsored). You'll never get a marketing pitch from a customer during a keynote.

If you're curious to see the types of talks you can find at QCon, take a look at the highlights from QCon New York 2019. Over 1200 attendees, speakers, and exhibitors made this year's conference one of our best yet. You can find the full videos on Here are some of the most popular talks you might want to explore:

If you are a software leader or someone who is the go-to person when things get tough on your team, then QCon is your tribe. QCon offers sessions and advice from the world's most innovative software development organizations. These talks will help you grow your career, build your network, and lead your company in 2020 and beyond. QCon aims to offer the perfect balance of what you need in order to excel at being a highly effective software developer, architect, or leader.

Full coverage from the last event can be found here.

The QCon difference

QCon intentionally curates the entire conference UX, and previous attendees have provided great feedback on the experience:

I enjoyed hearing real stories from practitioners pushing the envelope in software where we get to hear messy details that go beyond happy path considerations.
- Ryan Kitchens (Speaker)

Right now, QCon New York ticket prices are at their lowest rate - $1,985 ($1,070 off). Prices increase each month. You can join QCon and find out why so many software engineers talk about it!

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