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QCon New York 2020 - Data Engineering, Predictive Architectures & ML, Microservices


QCon returns to New York this June 15-17. The conference sessions are organized by a team of senior software leaders who are focused on bringing you talks that drive innovation and change. All of the sessions focus on patterns and practices (rather than products) and sharing implementable ideas that you can take back to your team.

The program committee for QCon New York 2020 is pleased to announce the 2020 conference tracks! Join us in New York and become a better engineer by improving your knowledge on Java, security, machine learning, next-generation microservices, DevEx & teams, and more.

The complete list of tracks for QCon New York 2020 is as follows:

  • Blameless Culture
    Absorb the lessons learned from failures and outages in a human-centric process.
  • Modern CS in the Real World
    Learn how companies are applying recent CS research to tackle concurrency, distributed data, and coordination.
  • Architectures You've Always Wondered About
    Next-gen architectures from the most admired companies in software.
  • Bare Knuckle Performance
    Learn from practitioners on the challenges and benefits of architecting for performance and much more.
  • Java - The Interesting Bits
    Learn about the new features in the recent and upcoming releases of Java and the JVM and what they offer.
  • Ethical Considerations in Consciously Designed Software
    Design considerations for various contexts, locations, security and privacy requirements.
  • Operating Microservices
    Learn from practitioners operating and evolving systems in performance demanding environments.
  • Security
    Learn how to make security an inherent part of the software development process.
  • Native Compilation Is Back (A Look at Non-VM Compilation Targets)
    Issues with native compilation for in browser-based and server-side environments
  • Trouble-Shooting in Production
    Learn debugging strategies for complex and high stakes environments where standard debuggers and profilers fail.
  • Predictive Architectures and ML
    Explore the systems and designs covering the full loop from machine learning to inferencing.
  • Data Engineering on the Bleeding Edge
    Explore the latest trends in data engineering that help improve the lives of developers.
  • Production Readiness
    Observability, emergency response, capacity planning, release processes, and SLOs for availability and latency.
  • Humane Leadership
    A look at leadership with an emphasis on empathy, taking chances, and building other leaders within organizations and teams
  • Devex & Teams
    Explore how to reduce developer friction between teams and stakeholders.

QCon New York 2020 early track hosts

Each curated "editorial" track is a collection of software topics chosen by a domain expert that focuses on key aspects in areas such as culture, data science, machine learning, front-end technologies, and architecture. Take a look at the confirmed QCon NY 2020 hosts so far:

Wes Reisz (QCon SF Chair, Host of the InfoQ Podcast, & VP of Technology @SectionIO) will be spearheading the "Architectures You've Always Wondered About" track that will look into next-gen architectures from the most admired organizations in software.

Gwen Shapira, Principal Data Architect @Confluent, PMC Member @Kafka, & Committer Apache Sqoop, has just been confirmed as the host of the "Data Engineering on the Bleeding Edge". Her track will deal with the latest trends in data engineering that help improve the life of the developer.

Hema Raghavan (Senior Manager & Heading AI for Growth and Communication Relevance @LinkedIn) will be hosting the "Predictive Architectures and ML" track. This track will explore the systems and designs that are used to build predictive architectures, such as recommender systems, search, ads targeting, fraud detection, and self-driving cars, and will cover the full loop from machine learning to inferencing.

Hear from the QCon New York PC Members

Each QCon is individually organized by a committee of senior software leaders who work across a wide spectrum of technology. We ask our committee members to be intentionally opinionated on the hottest topics in software today. We have interviewed some of this year's PC members.

Tony Printezis (JVM/GC Engineer @Twitter & Twitter Rep at JCP Executive Committee) shared his thoughts on QCon and the topic areas that he's most excited about. Read more online.

Michelle Brush, SRE Manager @Google talked about her first experience with QCon, operating microservices & observability. You can read the entire interview on

We hope to see you in New York!

Right now, QCon New York ticket prices are at their lowest rate - $2,245 ($810 off). Prices increase each month. Act now to join QCon and find out why so many software engineers talk about it!

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