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Google Releases Eventarc into General Availability

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Eventarc is an eventing platform available on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), allowing customers to send events to Cloud Run from more than 60 Google Cloud sources. In a recent blog post, the company announced the general availability (GA) of Eventarc.

In October last year, Google released the preview of Eventarc to provide customers with a service to connect Cloud Run services with events from various sources, adhering to the CloudEvents standard. With the GA release, the company made updates to the gcloud commands, allowing users to create triggers from existing Pub/Sub topics, and increase availability through additional regions.

The updated Eventarc gcloud commands do not need the beta flag anymore, and the --matching-criteria flag is renamed to --event-filters. Furthermore, the --destination-run-region is now optional, and to use an existing Pub/Sub topic, Eventarc now allows that with an optional --transport-topic gcloud flag. Additionally, users can leverage a new command to list available regions for triggers.

gcloud eventarc triggers create trigger-pubsub \
  --destination-run-service=${SERVICE_NAME} \

These updates are also incorporated into the Google Cloud SDK.

With Eventarc, Google joins other public cloud vendors in providing a generally available service on their respective cloud platform to manage events centrally. Microsoft released Event Grid, a service that enables developers to manage events in a unified way in Azure, over two years ago into GA.

Furthermore, AWS followed in 2019 with Amazon Eventbridge - a serverless event bus that allows AWS services, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), and custom applications to communicate with each other using events. And lastly, other vendors are also providing an event bus service similar to Event Grid and EventBridge, such as TriggerMesh offering EveryBridge. All of them support CloudEvents.

In another Google blog post, Mete Atamel, developer advocate at Google, wrote:

The long term vision of Eventarc is to be the hub of events from more sources and sinks, enabling a unified eventing story in Google Cloud and beyond.


In the future, you can expect to read events directly (without having to go through Audit Logs) from more Google Cloud sources (eg. Firestore, BigQuery, Storage), Google sources (eg. Gmail, Hangouts, Chat), 3rd party sources (eg. Datadog, PagerDuty) and send these events to more Google Cloud sinks (eg. Cloud Functions, Compute Engine, Pub/Sub) and custom sinks (any HTTP target).  


Further details of Eventarc are available on the documentation landing page.

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