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InfoQ Homepage News AceQL Releases Open-Source JDBC-over-HTTP Driver

AceQL Releases Open-Source JDBC-over-HTTP Driver

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AceQL recently released their open-source JDBC driver which allows you to query a relational database via HTTP. The driver connects to a middleware component - AceQL Web Server which is in charge of properly exposing a database to the web. The solution aims to make it easier to build simple mobile/IoT/edge apps when the data is already stored in a relational database.

AceQL Architecture

The Java SDK can be used with Java 8+ and Android 4.1+, and the HTTP communications are essentially transparent to the user. The requests are synchronous, and all the data is transported in JSON over web sockets. The result can also be streamed if a high volume of data needs to be transferred.

The AceQL Web Server is written in Java and its configurations can be extended by injecting your own, custom-written Java class. It can connect to multiple databases on the Community Edition, and vendors like MySQL, Postgres, MariaDB, Oracle, and MS SQL Server are supported natively.

Besides enterprise support, the Professional Edition comes with a few additional features, such as DB2 connectivity, stored procedures, blobs up to 4GB and integration with popular SQL GUI Clients including DBeaver, DbVisualizer, DataGrip, RazorSQL and SQuirreL SQL.

The SQL Firewall Manager component allows you to configure the user permissions on the table level via a CSV properties file, or you can specify your own custom implementation.

The middleware runs on an embedded Tomcat 9, and many features like SSL, connection pool, threads, and performance tuning are handled by it.

The Java SDK is licensed under Apache 2.0 and the AceQL Web Server is under LGPL v2.1. Read more at

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