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InfoQ Homepage News Dedicated ML Track at QCon Plus Nov: Learn All about the Latest ML Innovations

Dedicated ML Track at QCon Plus Nov: Learn All about the Latest ML Innovations

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Dio Synodinos, president of C4media (creators of InfoQ and QCon) recently spoke with Frank Greco, senior technology consultant, chairman at NYJavaSIG, and QCon Plus November 2021 committee member, to discuss the topics and tracks he’s looking forward to attending this November at QCon Plus online software conference:

QCon is practitioner-based, so you leave with a long list of things you want to try. Since it's an early adopter audience, you learn what not to try, which is just as valuable as things to try. Also, you’re targeting senior architects and senior developers so it’s nice to be part of that crowd.

There are so many cool tracks this November. I’m quite Java-centric so I’m pretty excited about that. I’ve also been focused on machine learning for the past few years. There are many interesting talks about putting machine learning into production. And as I said before, there are things that you learned that work and certain things that may not work. I'm looking forward to hearing the speakers in the machine learning track and learn some of their best practices.

Frank Greco, Senior Technology Consultant, Chairman at NYJavaSIG, and QCon Plus November 2021 Committee Member

Greco’s Highlight Track for QCon Plus: ML Everywhere

Machine Learning (ML) is pervasive and it affects different verticals in the economy, from sales operations to forecasting applications, marketing campaigns, and healthcare systems. ML is really transforming the world around us, creating an avenue to innovation across all sectors of the global economy.

In this track you will learn all about the latest ML innovations and the multiple fields where and how ML is being applied and deployed; in particular, you will learn how ML operations (MLOps) can accelerate AI adoption, and how to use the latest open-source frameworks to improve real-world ML applications.

The ML Everywhere track is hosted by Francesca Lazzeri, principal data scientist manager at Microsoft, and the first confirmed speaker is Chip Huyen, founder at stealth startup & teaching ML Sys at Stanford.

MLOps is not a static set of tools that defines the way you operationalize your machine learning models; it is more about your organization’s culture and the capability of sharing the AI vision across different teams and roles! Join me to learn more at QCon Plus.

Francesca Lazzeri, principal data scientist manager at Microsoft and QCon Plus November 2021 Track Host

Attend QCon Plus this November to:

  • Validate which technologies, trends, and best practices should be on your radar, and identify which shouldn’t
  • Explore the use cases that innovative software development teams are focusing on to help you improve your competitive edge
  • Plan which skills you and your team should be investing in to be better prepared for the future
  • Identify actionable insights from 64+ world-class domain experts that you can start working on right now
  • Connect with a global software engineering community

Book your spot at QCon Plus, taking place this November 1-12. 



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