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Pulumi Announces AWS Native Provider

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Pulumi, an open-source Infrastructure as Code (IaC) framework provider, recently announced their AWS Native Provider which can be used to build cloud infrastructure using an industry-standard language such as Python, TypeScript, Java, and C#.

Pulumi AWS Native provider is a new type of Pulumi Package that provides a stable interface for the modern cloud. By utilizing the recently released AWS Cloud Control API, AWS Native provider enables same-day support for all the new AWS releases and features.

In addition to AWS Cloud Control API, the resource availability in Pulumi AWS Native provider is also based on the resources defined in AWS CloudFormation Registry. Pulumi AWS Native provider can be used in tandem with classic Pulumi AWS provider so that users can support the existing applications and support new features.

Ken Exner, general manager, AWS Developer tools at AWS, said,

"AWS provides over 200 fully featured services to support virtually any cloud workload. Many Pulumi users tell us that they love AWS's rapid pace of innovation, but want ways to more quickly and easily incorporate the latest AWS services and features into their projects. By using the new AWS Cloud Control API and Pulumi's AWS Native provider, our joint customers can quickly take advantage of the latest AWS service and feature updates to drive new innovations across their businesses."

When using CloudFormation Registry and AWS Cloud Control API, deploying CloudFormation templates is not a dependency. Once the applications are written, Pulumi will manage the lifecycle and deployment of all the resources in the user's stack.

With this release, Pulumi has also included a tool cf2pulumi for migrating existing AWS CloudFormation templates into Pulumi programs in the user's preferred language. The cf2pulumi tool is available online and in the form of a CLI tool as well.

Additionally, the release enables users to deploy any 3rd party resources in the AWS CloudFormation Registry, including resources from Atlassian, Datadog, Densify, Dynatrace, Fortinet, New Relic, and Spot by NetApp. The resource aws.ExtensionResource can be used to build any 3rd party resource based on its resource type name.

The Twitter tech community took notice of the announcement as one user @sadewal1 tweeted,

"This is major. Big fan of pulumi and have been waiting for the aws-native provider."

Talking about the experience with Pulumi, Adam Wilczek, staff site reliability engineer at Webflow, mentioned,

"Pulumi's cloud engineering platform has helped us unlock the full potential of modern architectures on AWS and has enabled us to innovate faster than before. We are excited about this collaboration between AWS and Pulumi since the Pulumi AWS Native provider will allow us to leverage the latest AWS features and products sooner."

Interested readers can get started with Pulumi AWS Native Provider by heading over to the documentation. Examples of using Pulumi to build and deploy cloud applications and infrastructure are also available on the Pulumi website.

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