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GitLens 12 Brings Support for Visual Studio Code for the Web

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GitKraken launched GitLens 12, an open-source Visual Studio Code extension that enables to use Git from Visual Studio Code for the Web and Besides new free features, improvements, and fixes, GitLens 12 also introduces premium features, including Worktrees and Visual File History.

GitLens 12 is one of the first extensions for Visual Studio Code that gets ported to the Web version. As we noted at the moment of its announcement, Visual Studio Code for the Web cannot automatically use all extensions that run in Visual Studio Code for the desktop. This is mostly related to the impossibility or running the Node.js API or loading modules. In order to support the Web, GitKraken had to completely refactor GitLens internals by introducing a Git provider model able to work in the different environments.

According to GitKraken, support for Visual Studio Code for the Web means developers can have the same experience when accessing Git repos when using a desktop computer, a tablet, or a browser, including insights to understand why things changed, when, and by whom. GitLens is highly customizable.

GitLens 12 also introduces a number of new or improved features and fixes. New features include a new Home View including welcome content, help resources, and so on; the possibility of quickly seeing all issues fixed in a release; the ability to choose a stash when opening or comparing file revisions, and more.

The two most compelling new features in GitLens 12, Worktrees and Visual File History, though, are available exclusively under the new premium model. This means premium features requires having a user account, which can be free for public repos, and must be a paid account for private repos.

The Visual File History makes it possible to inspect the evolution of a file with all the relevant details, such as changes, their size and authors, etc. Worktrees is a feature that aims to simplify developers' life by enabling checking out multiple branches at once, with each working tree opened in its own window or all together in the same workspace.

GitLens 12 can be installed from the Visual Studio Code marketplace.

GitKraken is also maker of a popular desktop Git client that is available for free to solo developers and under a paid model for companies and enterprises.

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