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InfoQ Homepage News Slate 0.82 and Plate 15 Releases Improve Rich-Text Editing Experience

Slate 0.82 and Plate 15 Releases Improve Rich-Text Editing Experience

Slate.js, the completely customizable framework for building rich text editors, and Plate, a large collection of components and plugins for Slate, are both authored in TypeScript.

Slate 0.82.0 made significant updates for its support of editing on Android devices and introduces useSlateSelection, and slate-react 0.82.0 additionally adds a React hook that triggers whenever the selection changes.

Slate provides vanilla JavaScript versions of its editor along a slate-react, focused on React developers. Third-party teams have also created versions of Slate optimized for Angular and Vue.js users.

Plate 15 improves its Link toolbar, improves paste handling of hyperlinks into an editor page, and provides greater control over rendering within plugins.

Real-time collaborative editing is possible with Slate and Plate, most commonly with slate-yjs. Other popular utilities include the remark-slate and remark-slate-transformer. Developers looking to create a math and science editor can leverage the Slate-based CoCalc.

Slate and Plate release regularly, typically the same day as significant updates land in their main branches. Work is actively underway to fully support React 18.

Developers can explore available features in the Slate examples and Plate playground.

Both Slate and Plate are open-source software available under the MIT license. Contributions and feedback are encouraged via the Slate GitHub project and Plate GitHub project and should follow the Slate contribution guidelines and Plate contribution guidelines, respectively. Slate and Plate share an active discussion community via the Slate Slack group.

Disclosure: The author of this news entry is a member of the core team for Slate and Plate mentioned in this news entry.

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