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InfoQ Homepage News Triggermesh Introduces an Open-Source AWS Eventbridge Alternative with Project Shaker

Triggermesh Introduces an Open-Source AWS Eventbridge Alternative with Project Shaker

Recently TriggerMesh, a cloud-native integration platform provider, announced Shaker, a new open-source AWS EventBridge alternative project that captures, transforms, and delivers events from many out-of-the-box and custom event sources in a unified manner.

The Shaker project provides a unified way to work with events using the CloudEvents specification. It can be used with event sources and targets in AWS, Azure and GCP, Kafka, or HTTP webhooks. In addition, it includes a transformation engine based on a simple DSL, which can be controlled via code-based transformations if necessary.

With TriggerMesh's command line interface, tmctl, developers can create, configure and run TriggerMesh on a machine with Docker. Next, they optionally leverage TriggerMesh's Bumblebee transformation component and route to an external target.


Jonathan Michaux, a product manager at TriggerMesh, explains in a blog post:

TriggerMesh is designed to be cloud-agnostic, in fact, it works brilliantly to connect different clouds as well as on-premises together. It can run anywhere because all the functionality is provided as containers that can be declaratively configured. tmctl makes it easy to run these containers on Docker, and the TriggerMesh CRDs and controllers will run them natively on any Kubernetes distribution. This means Shaker is easy to embed into existing projects, such as internal developer platforms or commercial SaaS software, and can be operated in the same way as any other containerized workloads.

With Shaker, the company is aiming for DevOps, SREs, and platform engineers looking for a one-stop shop to produce and consume events to build real-time applications.  It is similar to AWS EventBridge capabilities; however, it is open-source and can run anywhere that supports Docker or Kubernetes. In addition, it is designed to capture events from all cloud providers and SaaS or custom applications.

TriggerMesh co-founder and CEO Sebastien Goasguen told InfoQ:

As AWS announced AWS EventBridge Pipes for point-to-point integration, TriggerMesh Shaker provides an open-source alternative that can run on GCP, Azure, or Digital Ocean with a set of event producers and consumers from each of those major Cloud providers.

In addition, Kate Holterhoff, an analyst at RedMonk, said in a press release:

The paradigm of event-driven architecture has become increasingly important to the process of application development and enterprise modernization. The Shaker project from TriggerMesh is an open-source solution for developers and platform teams to unify events across disparate sources and connect their own platforms to new event sources.

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