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InfoQ Homepage News Six Essential Tracks at QCon London, March 27-29, 2023: Architecture, FinTech, ML, and More!

Six Essential Tracks at QCon London, March 27-29, 2023: Architecture, FinTech, ML, and More!

QCon London international software conference returns this March 27-29 with its 17th edition. Technical leaders who are driving innovation and change in software will share the latest trends and techniques from their real-world projects to help you solve common challenges. More than 1,000 software professionals will join together and learn about the emerging trends they should pay attention to in 2023, how to adopt them, how to avoid pitfalls, and how to embrace the best practices.

Six Tracks at QCon London for the Architect, Developer, and Technical Leader

The QCon London Program Committee have curated tracks based on key trends they believe will have the most impact on software development. You will learn from real-world practitioners who are applying emerging trends and practices to help you solve common problems. QCon is known in the industry as a practical conference where leaders and senior individual contributors share implementable ideas to shape your projects, the impact of which will last beyond the conference.

This year, the conference will explore 15 tracks. If you’re a senior software developer, software architect, or tech team lead, you won’t want to miss these stand-out tracks:

Architecture in 2025

What should you be thinking about if you are designing architecture in the near future? Camilla Crispim, principal technologist & technical director @Thoughtworks, member of the Technology Advisory Board, co-author of @Thoughtworks Technology Radar, will explore and discuss: What does architecture design look like in the future? What is the role of the software architect? Who else is involved? And how do you prepare for this? 

The Tech of FinTech

FinTech startups have led the way in adopting new technology such as the cloud, pushing down perceived regulatory barriers as they go. In response, established financial services firms have also been building their own modern architectures. The FinTech track at QCon London will be hosted by  Ian Ellis, Technology Strategy, Innovation Outreach & Management, Due Diligence & Ecosystem Strategy Specialist, and will feature presenters who examine the tech they've adopted and the business value that this has delivered.

Emerging AI and Machine Learning Trends

The global AI market size is projected to grow from ~ USD 380 billion in 2022 to USD ~1.4K billion in 2029. With the surge in demand and interest in AI-powered technologies, many new trends are emerging in this space. In this QCon London track, Mehrnoosh Sameki, principal PM manager @Microsoft, invites tech professionals and executives who are involved with AI technology to share what’s next in the realm of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning trends.

Architectures You've Always Wondered About

The biggest software systems on the planet need sophisticated architectures that are deliberately and carefully designed to support true planet scale, and attention must also be paid to high availability, durability, security, and many other concerns. In this track, Matt Turner, software engineer @Tetrateio and co-founder of the Istio London Meetup, will be joined by leading engineers from the world’s best tech companies to walk us through the necessary complexity of these leading-edge systems and lessons learned along the way. 

Modern Frontend Development and Architecture

Let's talk about the front-end, not focusing on the tools we use but instead focusing on the problems we're solving: re-usability, composition, abstraction, velocity, and performance. Investing in a modern front-end has never been more important than before, both for end-users and from a developer experience approach. Front-end innovations also affected the overall architecture of our applications. In this track, Loiane Groner, development manager @Citibank, will explore some of these topics and what's next for the front-end modern development world.

Performance: Designing and Tuning

Getting the most out of hardware is important to save money on cloud workloads and also for sustainability. In this track, Justin Cormack, CTO @Docker, will look at ways to design software to make the most of modern CPU and memory architectures as well as tools and techniques to find performance bottlenecks.

Remote and Hybrid Work: What Now?

The last three years have been a period of massive disruption, work has changed, and we are still figuring out what the future could be. There is no "new normal" - every organisation, every team, and every person will need to continually evolve to find the balance of remote, in-person, synchronous, and asynchronous that will be best for them. In this track, Shane Hastie, global delivery lead for SoftEd and lead editor for Culture & Methods at, will discuss how to find ways to engage your people to create a great culture without creating any out-groups and how leaders need to show up and explore how immersive 3D environments might be part of our future.

Explore the full list of tracks that you can learn from at QCon London 2023.

Attend QCon London in-person or online

Join us in London for a fully immersive experience.

Our in-person tickets provide an immersive experience so you can untether yourself from your desk and daily distractions. You’ll enjoy a new learning environment with new people, new ideas, and time to reflect. Plus, you can join one of our many social events to unwind after a long day! Book in-person tickets before January 16  to secure our best early bird price. Register now!

Or join us online for a flexible experience.

We've just released online-only tickets for QCon London 2023, giving the option to attendees to join from wherever in the world. Online tickets get you access to most talks on-demand, the option to join live unconference and group problem-solving sessions, and access to a workspace so you can connect with peers and speakers. Get your online tickets for just £435. Book by January 16  to save with our special launch offer!

Don’t miss the opportunity to level up on the latest software development trends and practices and connect with a global community of senior software peers. At QCon London, you can find many ways you can connect and learn: 

  • Start your day with breakfast: Connect over a light breakfast at the conference. Plan your day, spend quality time with other attendees,  share new ideas, catch up on key takeaways and share new ideas. 
  • Longer breaks (25 minutes) between sessions: Dedicated time for you to bounce ideas, problem-solve, and meet world-class senior software engineers to inspire what's next for your projects. 
  • Unconference sessions: Work through the topics you want to focus on in facilitated sessions.
  • Conference social events: Dedicated time to come together to unwind and connect socially.

Join QCon London this March 27-29 and take advantage of the limited early bird in-person and online tickets. Book your seat before January 16.

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