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MicroStream Becomes Eclipse Foundation Member

MicroStream, a Java object-graph persistence framework, has announced their participation in the Eclipse Foundation as a Committer Member. MicroStream offers Micro Persistence allowing for low-latency and in-memory data processing. Java objects and documents can be stored in various storage solutions such as: AWS S3, Hazelcast, Kafka, MongoDB, Redis and various SQL databases.

The Eclipse Foundation offers four membership levels: strategic, contributing, associate and committer. Committer members are developers of the Eclipse projects and are allowed to commit changes to the project source code. Committer members are also represented on the board of directors and may stand for election as a representative each first quarter of the year.

Over the past twenty years, The Eclipse Foundation has created and maintained hundreds of open source and open specification projects and collaborations. Traditionally, when organizations collaborate, they often create a new association. However, The Eclipse Foundation Working Groups offer members a "Foundation in a Box" designed to speedup and increase the success of the collaboration. Members of the Eclipse Foundation have an active role in the Eclipse projects and Working Groups. The Eclipse Foundation lists five reasons why they believe a working group is a better alternative to an association: reduced risk due to a proven governance and legal framework, improved time to market, vendor neutrality, no boundaries for collaboration and increased ecosystem health and visibility due to the established brand and infrastructure. Examples of some of the current working groups include: Adoptium, The Eclipse IDE, Jakarta EE and MicroProfile.

MicroStream has been very active in the Java community as they have recently joined the Micronaut Foundation, a non-profit organization that aims to evangelize and define the future of the Micronaut framework, as a Silver Sponsor. MicroStream is integrated via the Micronaut MicroStream module, but they also provide integrations with Helidon, Spring Boot and CDI. These close collaborations simplify the integration of MicroStream in new and existing applications.

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