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InfoQ Homepage News QCon New York: Five Tracks to Level-up on the Latest Software Development Practices

QCon New York: Five Tracks to Level-up on the Latest Software Development Practices

The 2023 edition of the QCon New York (June 13-15) software development conference, hosted by InfoQ, is set to bring together over 800 senior software developers. The three-day conference will feature over 80 innovative senior software practitioners  from early adopter companies sharing how they are solving current challenges, providing new ideas and perspectives across multiple domains to provide clarity on emerging tech decisions. You will learn from real-world practitioners who are applying emerging trends and practices to help you solve common problems.

With 15 tracks to choose from, these are five essential tracks that senior software developers, software architects, and tech team leads won't want to miss:

  1. "Modern Data Architecture & Engineering," led by Allen Wang, senior staff engineer at DoorDash, will focus on the evolving landscape of data technologies and SaaS platforms, and the core engineering principles that can be leveraged to build efficient and scalable data architectures.

  1. "Architectural Blueprints Of Real World Machine Learning Systems," will be led by Nikhil Garg, CEO of Fennel, and will explore the architectural components of real-world machine learning systems, such as recommendation systems and fraud detection, and delve into the challenges and performance considerations of these complex distributed systems.

  1. "Connecting Distributed Systems: APIs Done Right," led by Daniel Bryant, head of DevRel at Ambassador Labs & InfoQ news manager, will provide insights from leading organizations on designing and operating distributed systems and APIs, sharing lessons learned and best practices.

  1. "Architectures You've Always Wondered About," led by Wes Reisz, technical principal at Thoughtworks & creator/co-host of #TheInfoQPodcast, will delve into the architectures of well-known tech companies and explore patterns, anti-patterns, best practices, and challenges behind delivering exceptional user experiences and supporting massive user bases.

  1. "Staff+ Engineering: New Skills, New Challenges," hosted by Leslie Chapman, engineering fellow at Comcast, will focus on the skills and challenges that come with leading large projects and setting the technical direction for organizations, providing practical advice from experienced high-level individual contributors.

Early bird tickets for QCon New York are available until May 9, 2023, offering a chance to save on registration. Don't miss this opportunity to level-up on the latest software development practices, connect with a global developer community, and gain insights from senior software practitioners, and InfoQ Editors.

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