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InfoQ Homepage News .NET 8+ on Ubuntu 24.04: Official Release with Collaborative Support

.NET 8+ on Ubuntu 24.04: Official Release with Collaborative Support

Ubuntu 24.04 has launched with a .NET release available from day one in the official Ubuntu feeds, making it immediately usable. Container images for .NET 8+ are available, including noble, noble-chiseled, and noble-chiseled-extra flavors. Additionally, .NET 6 and 7 are accessible through the dotnet/backports repository. Microsoft and Canonical are collaborating on servicing and support, ensuring simultaneous availability of .NET fixes.

For the first time, a .NET release is available from day one in the official Ubuntu feeds. Previously, .NET 6 was added to Ubuntu 22.04 a few months post-release. From Ubuntu 24.04 onwards, Ubuntu feeds are the official source of .NET packages. The .NET installation documentation has been updated accordingly. Ubuntu 24.04 container images for .NET 8+ are now available, including noble, noble-chiseled, and noble-chiselled-extra image flavours.

In order to install .NET 8 on Ubuntu 24.04:

$ sudo apt update && sudo apt install -y dotnet-sdk-8.0

Below the official post, a question appeared asking if there is any plan to have this easy way to install/update NET8+ on Raspberry Pis. Richard Lander, a product manager at Microsoft, answered:

I usually just curl and tar the tar.gz from the download page.

The install scripts also work great.

Separately, we’ve talked to a few different folks about getting .NET into Debian (which would help with Raspberry Pi OS). We haven’t been able to make that happen. It is certainly something that would be very nice.

Important: .NET 8 works on Debian Arm32. It doesn’t work on Ubuntu 24.04 Arm32 - context.

.NET 6 and 7 are available in the Ubuntu .NET backports package repository, which is maintained by Canonical. To install .NET 6 using the dotnet/backports repository:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:dotnet/backports
$ sudo apt install -y dotnet-sdk-6.0

.NET 7 can be installed using the same pattern, with the dotnet/backports repository only needing to be registered once.

Another question was regarding the possibility of installing .NET 6 & .NET 8 side-by-side. Thomas Glaser mentioned that he attempted to add the MS repository and install both, but he encountered several conflicts. The answer was the following: 

I recommend not using the MS repository. We’ve come to the conclusion that Microsoft and Canonical both publishing the same packages doesn’t work. Your experience is evidence of that, sadly. Here’s a doc that describes how to resolve that.

The post describes how to install .NET 8 (from the archives) and .NET 6 (from a PPA).

Microsoft and Canonical are collaborating on servicing and support. Microsoft provides security and functional fixes to Canonical ahead of Patch Tuesday releases via a private channel, allowing time for building and testing. A similar process is followed with Red Hat. The goal is to ensure that .NET fixes are available simultaneously everywhere.

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