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TestDriven.NET Releases Professional and Enterprise Editions

The previously-free automated unit testing add-in for Visual Studio .NET, TestDriven.NET, now charges licensing fees for its use beyond the Personal edition.
  • Personal edition for trial purposes, students, or open source developers
  • Professional edition for developers responsible for obtaining their own tools
  • Enterprise edition for organizations who need to install TestDriven.NET on multiple machines
Note that the Personal edition is fully-featured and does not expire.  Bloggers have noted that you can still use all of the features with just the Personal version, but that you should purchase the tool to show your support if you use it often.  Jamie Cansdale, creator of TestDriven.NET, requests in the recent announcement that users help him "turn TestDriven.NET from an obsession into a job!"

TestDriven.NET makes unit testing convenient because developers can remain in their IDE to run the tests.  The product works with several major unit testing frameworks, including NUnit, MBUnit, and Visual Studio Team System.  Also, any method in .NET can be executed as an ad hoc test with full debugging support by using TestDriven.NET ("Test With...Debugger" option).

All TestDriven.NET editions also integrate with NCover, an open-source tool to measure code coverage for .NET projects.  Through the "Test With...Coverage" option, TestDriven.NET users can see a visual tool highlighting code areas not covered by the executed tests (in pink), and covered code in blue.  In addition, NCover shows statistics on the percentage covered at the solution, project, class, and member levels.

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