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WebLogic Server 9.2, Portal 9.2, Workshop on Eclipse Released

BEA last week released the WebLogic 9.2 platform family of products including WebLogic Server, WebLogic Portal (which now runs on WL 9.2), and Workshop for WebLogic (now built on Eclipse for the first time):
  • WebLogic Server 9.2 (download, what's new, developer center). BEA's Stu Charlton summarized key notables (TSS):
    • Support for custom XACML v2.0 roles and policies
    • Data: Dynamic multi data sources for dynamic database cluster add/remove (with Oracle RAC) and MS SQL Server 2005 JDBC driver support
    • Messaging: Client-side JMS store and forward, automatic consumer failover, and unit-of-work JMS message groups
    • Web Services: SOAP 1.2, WS-SecureConversations (Feb 2005) support, Streaming SOAP attachments, multiple Web Service transports (HTTP/S & JMS), and WS-Addressing based callbacks
    • Filtering classloaders to specify specific classes to be loaded from the application vs. the system classpath
    • Job scheduling through a cluster-aware implementation of the Apache Commons Timer API
    • Future response API for HTTP servlets, splitting request from response threads for long-running operations
  • WebLogic Portal 9.2 (download, docs, developer center) - Product Manager Josh Lannin introduced some of the new features, which include:
    • Federated Portals via WSRP 1.1, SAML 1.1, and more
    • JSR 170 API CMS support, as well as WebDav
    • and more
  • Workshop for WebLogic 9.2 (download, docs, developer center). Chris Hogue blogged the highlights a while ago, which include complete JSR 181 annotation support.
Workshop for WebLogic is not the same product as the recently released BEA Workshop (formerly M7 NitroX) 3.1, which added Spring and JPA support.  BEA is a founding sponsor of

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