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Load testing at Facebook, Gitter, Linkerd, .NET Core Tools, Alexa, Deliveroo's Distributed Architecture, In Defence of the Monolith, The State of AI

The 11th Annual QCon San Francisco: Nov 13-17, 2017; Registration Open

The 11th QCon San Francisco conference is taking place at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Nov 13-17, 2017 (Conference 13-15; Workshops 16-17). Registration is now open. Make sure you save the date and take advantage of the best possible rates by registering soon. You can save $900 if you register before May 20!



How to Trim Page Weight to Boost Page Speed and Increase Conversions [Infographic]. One of the best ways to increase website conversions and build customer trust in your online brand is to boost your page speed. However, many businesses fail to make the connection between site performance and increased revenue. Take Action.

The Morning Paper Issue 4 - Computer Science Applied

In this issue of The Morning Paper Quarterly Review, Adrian Colyer looks at how simple testing can avoid catastrophic failures, symbolic reasoning vs. neural networks, how to infer a smartphone password via WiFi signals, how and why Facebook does load testing in production, and automated SLOs in enterprise clusters.(eMag)

Dave West on Craftsmanship, the Future of Scrum and Improving the Profession of Software Delivery

In this podcast recorded at the Agile New Zealand conference in November 2016, Shane Hastie spoke to David West, CEO and Product Owner of, about the history of Scrum, the importance of empiricism and improving the profession of software delivery. (Podcast)

Data Science Latest Content


Big Data Processing Using Apache Spark - Part 6: Graph Data Analytics with Spark GraphX

In this article, author Srini Penchikala discusses Apache Spark GraphX library used for graph data processing and analytics. The article includes sample code for graph algorithms like PageRank, Connected Components and Triangle Counting. (Article)

The State of AI

Jim McHugh keynotes on the current state of artificial intelligence. (Presentation)



MongoDB Atlas - Database as a Service.
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DevOps Latest Content


A Security Approach for a Cloudy World: An Interview with Pete Cheslock

Does your approach to application and data center security change when adopting cloud services? To learn more about this topic, InfoQ reached out to Pete Cheslock, head of operations and support teams at Threat Stack. (Article)

From Data Science to Production - Deploy, Scale, Enjoy

Sergii Khomenko introduces best practices in development, covers production deployments to the AWS stack, and using the serverless architecture for data applications. (Presentation)

Culture & Methods Latest Content

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Teams and the Way They Work

The terms "self-organise"ݠand "cross functional"ݠare often used to describe a team. What does this mean, and how will you recognise if your team has these features? Great teams work with the uniqueness of each person's skills, experiences and outlook - forging the motivation to achieve a shared goal, within the constraints in which they operate. (Article)

Monte Carlo Planning Improves Decision Making

De la Maza helped a startup IPO by applying Monte Carlo to a planning problem. Learn how Monte Carlo planning provides a rigorous, quantitative account of what the future may bring. It has advantages over standard average case approaches and you can start with a simple Excel spreadsheet. (Article)

The Most Important Things I Have Learnt This Year

Simon Powers shares what he learned from various Agile speakers teaching, coaching and coaching at Adventures with Agile. (Presentation)

Java Latest Content

Open Source Linkerd Project Celebrates First Anniversary in Quest to Become TCP/IP of Microservices

Bouyant, a cloud-native services company, announced the one-year anniversary of Linkerd, an open source “service mesh” project for cloud-native microservices-based applications. William Morgan, founder and CEO of Bouyant, spoke exclusively to InfoQ about this milestone. (News)

Development Latest Content


Distributed Workflows with Hypermedia Clients

Glenn Block introduces Hypergoal, a way of creating distributed workflows with hypermedia clients. (Presentation)



Getting Started with Clustering in R - Clustering allows you to organize data into different groups depending on their characteristics, for instance, it can be used to organize customers into different groups for marketing or sales efforts. In this tutorial, you will learn how to perform clustering using Kmeans and analyze the results. Learn More.

Mobile Latest Content


Designing Calm Technology

Amber Case discusses using the principles of Calm Technology to design the next generation of connected devices, covering notification styles, compressing information into other senses, and designing for the least amount of cognitive overhead. (Presentation)
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Dynamic Languages Latest Content

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How to Make Different Types of JavaScript Lists? Four Examples with Webix

Sergey Laptick shows how to create web components to display data in the form of different types of lists using the Webix UI Library. From simple lists, to advanced, interactive lists, Laptick discusses the core concepts behind Webix lists and how to create your own, customized list implementations. (Article)

.NET Latest Content


.NET Core Tools 1.0 Released with Full C# Support

The .NET Core Tools has produced its first 1.0 release. Focused on C#, the tools provide .NET Core developers easy-to-build applications for .NET Core and ASP.NET Core. While their release coincides with the launch of Visual Studio 2017, this is a multiplatform toolset supporting Windows, Linux, and Mac OS systems. (News)

Watch a top selection of presentations by our editors

Learn more about Microservices at Uber, Architectures at Stripe, API or take a minute to enjoy a classic “Simple Made Easy”. (Presentation)

Architecture & Design Latest Content

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In Defence of the Monolith, Part 1

In the age of microservices, "monolith" has become a dirty word. Yet, monoliths, designed with an emphasis on modularity, can be a better solution for complex domains, such as enterprise applications. Part 1 of this 2-part series explores the key differences between microservices and monoliths, highlighting the pros and cons of each approach. (Article)



Develop and configure a Wildfly Swarm application. Customize the runtime. See how Fractions can be added to a Wildfly Swarm application and more in this quick reference cheat sheet. Download Red Hatter Andrew Block’s cheat sheet.

Framing Our Potential for Failure

Michelle Brush discusses modeling complex systems and architectural changes that could introduce new modes of failure, using examples from embedded systems to large stream processing pipelines. (Presentation)
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Automating Chaos Experiments in Production

Ali Basiri discusses the motivation behind ChAP (Chaos Automation Platform used to run experiments to test whether microservices are resilient to failures in downstream dependencies). He also talks about how they implemented ChAP, and how Netflix service teams are using it to identify systemic weaknesses. (Presentation)