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Pair Programming, Diversity, Zipkin, F#, Mesos, Sociocracy, Stack Overflow via BigQuery, HashiCorp Terraform, AWS Step Functions, Chaos Engineering

Blockchain Introduction: Peering Through the Hype.

What is a blockchain, why all the hype, what makes a blockchain secure, what can be built on top of blockchains, what are some real-world use-cases? Find the answer to these questions at QCon London 2017 from Elaine Ou, Security Engineer @GlobalFinancialAccess.



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Neha Batra - Pivotal Labs Pair Programming

In this week's podcast Neha Batra discusses pair programming and techniques to get started with the practice, as well as tips for implementing it in your team. Batra also touches on vulnerability-based trust and how it can help to effectively build a trusting team environment. (Podcast)

Mitch Shepard on Managing for Diversity

In this podcast recorded at QCon San Francisco 2016, Shane Hastie, InfoQ Lead Editor for Culture & Methods, spoke to Mitch Shepard founder of WiRL about her talk at QCon and the challenges around gender diversity in the tech workforce. (Podcast)

Data Science Latest Content


Cassandra: The Definitive Guide, 2nd Edition Book Review and Interview

The 2nd edition of "Cassandra: The Definitive Guide" authored by Jeff Carpenter and Eben Hewitt covers the Cassandra NoSQL database version 3.0. The authors discuss several different important topics related to this popular database, including data modeling and Cassandra architecture. InfoQ spoke with Jeff Carpenter about the book and Cassandra’s current features and future roadmap. (Article)

Spring and Big Data

Thomas Risberg discusses developing big data pipelines with Spring, focusing around the code needed. He also covers how to set up a test environment both locally and in the cloud. (Presentation)

Data Science Powered Apps for the Internet of Things

Chris Rawles describes approaches to addressing the concerns around any IoT project through a deep-dive into an interactive demo centered around classification of human activities. (Presentation)

Data Microservices in the Cloud

Mark Pollack introduces Spring Cloud Data Flow enabling one to create pipelines for data ingestion, real-time analytics and data import/export, demoing apps that are deployed onto multiple runtimes. (Presentation)

Getting a Handle on Data Science

Explore ways of making sense of data science - understand where it’s needed and where it’s not, and how to make it an asset for you, from people who’ve been there and done it. (Articles)

DevOps Latest Content


Interview with Wesley Coelho on Challenges in DevOps

At the Agile 2016 Conference InfoQ spoke to Wesley Coelho, Senior Director of Business Development for Tasktop, about the communication challenges inherent in DevOps and how to overcome them; how DevOps and agile expose organisational silos and waterfall communications flows that need to become adaptive and automated. (Article)

Chaos Engineering

Modern software-based services are implemented as distributed systems with complex behavior and failure modes. Many large tech organizations are using experimentation to verify such systems' reliability. Netflix engineers call this approach chaos engineering. They've determined several principles underlying it and have used it to run experiments. This article is part of a theme issue on DevOps. (Article)

Task Madness - Modern on Demand Processing

Michael Minella and Glenn Renfro introduce Spring Cloud Task, a new project in the Spring portfolio that provides both functional and non-functional capabilities for building short-lived, cloud-native microservices, as well as looking at example applications. (Presentation)

Consumer Driven Contracts and Your Microservice Architecture

Marcin Grzejszczak shows how to use the Spring Cloud Contract Verifier to stub HTTP / Messaging collaborators, faking microservices with stubs that were tested against their producer. (Presentation)

Amazon ECS: a Platform to Run Production Containers

Uttara Sridhar dives deep into the architecture behind Amazon ECS and the design choices that have enabled scalable cluster management, highly performant container orchestration and scheduling, and the open-sourced Go-based Amazon ECS Agent. She also demonstrates the key features used to build and run a container-based application on Amazon ECS. (Presentation)
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Elastic Efficient Execution of Varied Containers

Sharma Podila reviews the state of container usage in Netflix. With references to projects Titus and Mantis, he highlights the integrations with AWS to run Apache Mesos clusters and how they adapted resource scheduling via NetflixOSS Fenzo to run an elastic infrastructure for a varied mix of workloads.Topics include capacity guarantees, network isolation, modeling multiple EC2 instance types etc. (Presentation)
The next QCon is in London, March 6-10, 2017. Join us!

Secure & Dynamic App Config at GapTech with Spring Cloud, Vault and Consul

Nivesh Gopathi describes the use cases for dynamic configuration and application secrets management with some high level requirements, how GapTech are collaboratively solving these at enterprise scale using Spring Cloud Config, Vault and Consul and what’s coming next. (Presentation)

Implementing Config Server and Extending it

Clint Checketts discusses the concerns to consider when rolling out a config server around security, encryption, and location of repositories, and Config Server's extensibility. (Presentation)

Azure Service Fabric: Microservices Architecture Made Ridiculously Simple

Chase Aucoin explains using Microsoft Service Fabric to create microservices, demoing how to migrate existing services to Service Fabric. (Presentation)



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Culture & Methods Latest Content

TOP Culture & Methods NEWS HEADLINES

What Are You Seeing That I'm Not Seeing? Developing Empathy Skill

Andrew Annett leads a minds-on session that explores the specific challenge of developing empathy skills, helping participants to get an understanding of the different types of empathy. (Presentation)

Research shows that teams which are more diverse are more effective.

GitHub’s Phil Haack on talks about moving from engineering to management. Listen to the Engineering Culture Podcast and get key insights into how culture is being built at famous companies worldwide. (Podcast)

Development Latest Content

Implementing Microservices Tracing with Spring Cloud and Zipkin

Marcin Grzejszczak and Reshmi Krishna describe how to do distributed tracing with Spring Cloud Sleuth and Zipkin. They show a demo of incorporating these technologies into an existing stock trading application. (Presentation)

An introduction to Distributed Tracing and Zipkin

Adrian Cole provides an overview of how to debug latency problems using call graphs created by Zipkin, taking a look at the ecosystem, including tools to trace Ruby, C#, Java and Spring Boot apps. (Presentation)



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Dynamic Languages Latest Content

The Past, Present, and Future of JavaScript

Jay Phelps leads a discussion with Jafar Husain and Stefan Penner (both members of the TC39 standards body) through the history of the specification process and reveals some exciting new features coming to a browser near us: ES2015 and beyond. (Presentation)
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.NET Latest Content


Interview with Entity Modelling Tool Creator, Frans Bouma

Our first .NET interview of the year is with Frans Bouma of the entity modeling tool LLBLGen Pro. This tool has been around for almost as long as .NET itself, but being a commercial product it isn’t as well-known as the free alternatives. (Article)

Building .NET Microservices

Kevin Hoffmann and Chris Umbel discuss building .NET microservices and deploying them to the Spring Cloud, taking advantage of circuit breakers and automatic deployment via CI/CD pipelines. (Presentation)

Architecture & Design Latest Content

Building Resilient and Evolutionary Data Microservices

Vinicius Carvalho talks about the role of a centralized Schema repository, and how can we work with different data models and protocols to achieve schema evolution. A centralized schema service will also help one understand what kind of data is currently being served and consumed by the different parts of a distributed system. (Presentation)

Mesos: A State-of-the-art Container Orchestrator

Jie Yu gives an overview of Mesos and its API which allows users to deploy stateless and stateful services. He discusses how containers are managed in Mesos, the future of container support in Mesos, and shows some of the new container networking and storage features that have been added recently. (Presentation)
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Microservices for Java Developers (By O'Reilly) - This eBook provides a hands-on approach to three useful Java frameworks for building microservices: Spring Boot, Dropwizard, and WildFly. Compare and contrast them through a handful of familiar patterns. Download now.

Building a Microservices Platform with Kubernetes

Matthew Mark Miller discusses Kubernetes’ primitives and microservices patterns on top of them, including rolling deployments, stateful services and adding behaviors via sidecars. (Presentation)
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Putting a SpEL on Spinnaker: Evolving an Expression Language for Continuous Delivery at Netflix

Tomas Lin talks about Spinnaker, an open source, multi-cloud continuous delivery platform that is used by over 90% of cloud deployments at Netflix. He walks through the evolution of Spinnaker’s use of SpEL over two years of active development. He shares the code, features and wisdom gained from helping the Netflix and open source community adopt SpEL. (Presentation)