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Distributed Agile, Kubernetes, GDPR for Operations, Go, Spring Boot, Elm, Android P, Microservices, Securing Serverless, Tech Ethics

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Getting Started with Containers and Microservices.

Download this eBook to learn how developers use containers and microservices, their benefit and impact on resources, strategy, and monitoring, and what to do if you need a new application monitoring solution. Download now.

Distributed Agile

Distributed teams are the norm for many organizations today. Companies are global, communications technologies allow people to live away from the "office" location, and many new workers are nomads. Even though most people will acknowledge the wisdom that collocated work is easier, reality is often different. With the advent of new technology, this movement will only grow. (Mini-book)

Heidi Helfand on Dynamic Reteaming

In this podcast recorded at Agile 2017, Shane Hastie, Lead Editor for Culture & Methods, spoke to Heidi Helfand about Dynamic Reteaming. (Podcast)


  1. Demystifying Machine Learning for Development Teams and Children

Real-Time Data Activation - Analytics, Intelligence & Decision Making

Marcelo Wiermann discusses dealing with real-time analytics with the Lambda Architecture, creating a working data set and data-driven features in an application. (Presentation)



Docker and a Native Linux Experience: What's New in SQL Server 2017.

Download this white paper to learn more about the power of SQL Server on Linux and containers, how SQL Server 2017 provides a native Linux experience with support for existing SQL Server tools, operational usage for relational and graph data, and more. Download Now.


  1. CA Announces New Release of Workload Automation Engine

  2. Microsoft Announces the Public Preview of the Azure File Share Backup Capability

  3. Microsoft Announces General Availability of Azure Redis Cache Geo-Replication

  4. Has Kubernetes Crossed the Chasm? Ian Crosby Shares His Thoughts at QCon

  5. How Observability Impacts Testing: Q&A with Amy Phillips at QCon London

Containers, Kubernetes and Google Cloud

Mete Atamel shows how to build a system, starting with a microservice, containerize it using Docker, and scale it to a cluster of resilient microservices managed by Kubernetes. (Presentation)

GDPR for Operations

With GDPR, taking care of personal data is an organisation-wide responsibility, but in the operations we can provide a lot of supporting tools to help deal with the multiple facets of this problem. (Article)



Get Actionable Insights on your entire infrastructure.

Monitor and analyze key performance metrics in real time, whether in traditional data centers or distributed cloud infrastructures. Supports Linux, Windows, AWS, VMs, OS X and much more. Sign up Now.



  1. Go 2017 Survey Shows Generics and Dependency Management the Most Desired Features

  2. State of Wyoming House Unanimously Pass Two Blockchain Bills

Solving HTTP Problems with Code and Protocols

Natasha Rooney goes through the issues in HTTP, how HTTP2 was developed using Google’s SPDY experiment, and the impact of QUIC. (Presentation)
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Rethinking Applications for the NVM Era

Amitabha Roy discusses how to re-architect software to take advantage of the advances of hardware today and how to write software in the future when DRAM is persistent. (Presentation)
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All your Databases, One Platform.

Compose makes it easy to deploy your favorite open source databases in minutes into your preferred cloud datacenter on fast SSDs. Everything you need to run a performant database is available through the Compose web console or Compose APIs. Try Compose Free for 30 Days.



  1. Spring Boot 2.0 Goes GA; Project Lead Phil Webb Speaks to InfoQ about the New Release

Reactive Data Access with Spring Data

Christoph Strobl and Mark Paluch discuss non-blocking data access using Spring Data for NoSQl data stores and Project Reactor. (Presentation)

Spring Integration 5.0: What's New?

Artem Bilan discusses how Spring Integration has been affected by Spring Framework 5 and Java 8, presenting new features (including Reactive Streams) and how to use them through a coding demo. (Presentation)

Building Reusable UI Components in ASP.NET Core MVC

Scott Addie presents how to create basic reusable view components and tag helpers in ASP.NET Core MVC. (Presentation)

TOP Dynamic Languages NEWS HEADLINES

  1. Propel: Scientific and ML Computing JavaScript Library from Node.js Founder

A Peek into Elm Architecture

Jayaram Sankaranarayanan discusses the basics of functional programming principles, using Elm constructs, the architecture and how Elm enables reliable refactoring. (Presentation)

Android P DP1: WiFi-RTT, Display Cutout Support, Multiple Cameras, Animated GIFs, NNAPI 1.1

Google has made available the first Android P Developer Preview (DP1). Notable new features include: WiFi-RTT, cutout, multiple cameras, animated GIFs, NNAPI 1.1, and more performance for Kotlin code. (News)

TOP Architecture & Design NEWS HEADLINES

  1. The Future of Microservices and Distributed Systems: QCon London Microservices Panel Discussion

Reimagining Customer Experiences Utilizing Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Jason Michener and Vipul Savjani discuss how Comcast used Pivotal Cloud Foundry to create a new application that changed how they are engaging with their customers. (Presentation)

Securing Serverless by Breaking in

Guy Podjarny breaks into a vulnerable serverless application and exploits multiple weaknesses, helping better understand some of the mistakes people make, their implications, and how to avoid them. (Presentation)
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TOP Culture & Methods NEWS HEADLINES

  1. Fred George on Solving Fuzzy Problems

  2. Why Software Developers Should Take Ethics into Consideration

  3. Dealing with the Broken Human Machine: How to Create High-Performing Teams

  4. Data-Driven Thinking for Continuous Improvement

Why Software Estimation Is More Important Now Than Ever

In a world trending away from traditional waterfall and toward agile development methodologies, it would be understandable to assume that there is no longer a need for software project estimation. However, that assumption would be wrong - estimation is still a very valuable practice, even in organizations that are dependent upon agile development methodologies. (Article)

Four Priceless Tactics to Create Top-Tier Homegrown Talent

With rapid shifts in work culture across the world, employers are revisiting their relationships with employees, putting their needs and aspirations first. Here’s how to align individual interests with business objectives, and use constant engagement, training, and feedback to take your company culture to the next level. (Article)

Everything's Coming up Dilbert: Building Product in the Enterprise

Emily Tate discusses challenges to building great product in the enterprise, including: user research, roadblocks, MVP misunderstandings, product autonomy, Institutional momentum against change. (Presentation)

How to Navigate the Sea of "No"

Jon Osborn and Brian Jimerson present how the Great American Insurance Group managed to build sponsors and champions, and transform software delivery through cloud native technologies and culture. (Presentation)

Leadership Lessons from the Agile Manifesto

Anjuan Simmons discusses how to apply the principles in the Manifesto for Agile Software Development to become a leader equipped with a framework for making decisions. Simmons provides a decision matrix for determining the right course of action when leading teams, interacting with customers, and dealing with uncertainty. (Presentation)
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