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Microsoft P, Spring Boot, Facebook Yarn, V8 Memory Consumption, Conway's Law, Google and the Perfect Team, Kafka Streams

QCon London 2017 tracks announced!

18 editorial tracks will spread across 3 days at QCon London. Architecting for Failure; Fast & Furious: Ad Serving, Finance, & Performance; Architectures You've Always Wondered about; Practical Cryptography & Blockchains: Beyond the Hype; JavaScript & Modern Learning Systems are some of topics of this year's conference. Save your seat and can save up to £520 before Oct 29th!



Application Monitoring for all DevOps needs.
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Data Science Latest Content


Peter Cnudde on How Yahoo Uses Hadoop, Deep Learning and Big Data Platform

Yahoo uses Hadoop for different use cases in big data & machine learning areas. They also use deep learning techniques in their products like Flickr. InfoQ spoke with Peter Cnudde on how Yahoo leverages big data platform technologies. (Article)

Developing a Machine Learning Based Predictive Analytics Engine for Big Data Analytics

Ali Jalali presents how to develop a machine learning predictive analytics engine for big data analytics. (Presentation)



Creating Pivot Tables in PostgreSQL Using Crosstab.

DevOps Latest Content


2-Speed DevOps for Cloud-minded Enterprise

Ming Zhou and Adam Lewis share their experience of building cloud automation and orchestration platforms, and how such platforms can help make cloud-based Spring and Cloud Foundry app development and deployment a consistent experience for all. They show how they have helped leading enterprises rethink what it means and what it takes to function as a digital business. (Presentation)



A Guide to REST and API Design - Learn about architectural styles vs. standards, the difference between connectors and components, using URIs for identification, media types for representation, and more. Download Now.

Culture & Methods Latest Content

TOP Culture & Methods NEWS HEADLINES

Agile Development at the Enterprise Level: Misconceptions That Jeopardize Success

Most large companies struggle to deploy Agile in the face of compliance demands, lengthy funding cycles, and the need to involve many stakeholders. Are user stories really enough? Are BAs really irrelevant? How can we give up the BRD? Successful Agile enterprises work around these and other common misconceptions by adding the structure and discipline they need to manage complexity and risk. (Article)

Teaching Modern Software Development Techniques at University

We often hear how there is a skills shortage in the software industry, and about the apparent gap between what people are taught in university and the “real world”. This is how Imperial College London aims to bridge this gap, providing students with relevant skills for industrial software engineering careers, and teaching tools and techniques for professional developer working in a modern team. (Article)

Internal Tech Conferences - How and Why

Software engineering today is every bit as much about the people as it is about technology - empowered teams don’t appear overnight. We need to oil the wheels of collaboration so they roll smoothly. Here, Matthew Skelton and Victoria Morgan-Smith discuss how to use internal conferences to boost your organisation’s social capital, the currency by which relationships flourish and businesses thrive. (Article)

The Unusual Story of an Iconic Global Consultancy Firm

Alden Whittaker overviews Arup, an employee owned engineering and design consultancy founded on innovative principles and bucking trends and traditions for almost 70 years. (Presentation)

Syntactic Sugar for English: Pragmatic Eloquence

Wendy Closson fuses together over a decade of software development experience with basics of executive coaching and over 1000 hours of training in mindful practices to create an algorithmic approach to speaking authoritatively and authentically. She talks about the concrete steps that will get one in the habit of winning friends and influencing people. (Presentation)
The next QCon is in San Francisco, Nov 7-11, 2016. Join us!

Transforming the Monolith at 20M tph

Nick Beenham describes how the Enterprise Services Team at Comcast transformed from large monolithic deployments with cycle times of anything from 90 days to cycle times measured in hours. (Presentation)



Startup CTO Summit at the Nasdaq 11/1 in NYC.
Speakers include CTO/VPE MongoDB, Birchbox, Invision, Shopify, Blue Apron,, Artsy,
Betterment, Simple & more. 25% discount with
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TDD: The Bad Parts

Matt Parker examines a number of common problems teams face when using TDD, a deceptively simple practice that requires a good deal of craftsmanship and skill to wield effectively. (Presentation)

It's Not You, It's Us: Winning Over People and Yourself for the Team

Neha Batra believes that the best teams are the ones with diverse ways of working, diverse opinions, and diverse backgrounds, but with great diversity comes great responsibility. What do you do when someone rubs you the wrong way or when people don't quite get along? From understanding yourself and modifying your own behaviors to understanding others and modifying theirs, there's a lot to try. (Presentation)

Tackling Unwieldy Projects with XP

Joseph Rodriguez and Peter Clowes talk about the basic principles of XP. (Presentation)

Scaling Your Product Team While Staying Agile

Dan Podsedly talks about the challenges and opportunities encountered as product organizations grow beyond the single agile team, based on real world experiences of Pivotal Tracker. He discusses the importance of a strong culture, pair programming as a growth strategy, vertical vs horizontal team organization, the product manager role, how design fits into a product team at scale, etc. (Presentation)

Java Latest Content

Pivotal Releases Versions 1.3.8 and 1.4.1 of Spring Boot

Pivotal recently released multi-version updates of their Spring Boot project with version 1.3.8 and 1.4.1 featuring bug fixes and dependency upgrades. Version 1.4.1 is the first maintenance release since version 1.4. (News)



Supercharging your Microservices with NetflixOSS and Spring Cloud. Learn about the architectural challenges Netflix faced, what they’ve released as open source software, why this software matters to you, and how Pivotal makes it easy to consume Netflix software as part of Spring Cloud. Learn more.

Development Latest Content


Virtual Panel: Document and Description Formats for Web APIs

In this virtual panel we hear from four individuals deeply involved in the Web API space. Each of them has a unique take on the values, benefits, and costs of documentation and description formats in general, and provide their own unique perspective from their vantage points across the Web. They agree on one thing: something must be done to help developers find their way through the world of Web APIs (Article)



7 Habits of Rugged DevOps. DevOps practices can only increase speed and quality up to a point without security and risk pros' expertise. Learn how to apply Rugged DevOps strategies to break down cultural barriers and achieve faster releases with stronger application security.

Dynamic Languages Latest Content

TOP Dynamic Languages NEWS HEADLINES

Deep Dive into Asynchronous Patterns in JavaScript

Joseph Andaverde provides insight on how asynchronous patterns - callbacks, promises, generators, and async/await - can be applied through simple yet pragmatic examples. (Presentation)

.NET Latest Content


Implementation Strategies for the Repository Pattern with Entity Framework, Dapper, and Chain

This article will focus on the basic functionality that one would find in a typical repository created with .NET. We’ll look at both general functionality and how that functionality would be implemented using three different styles of ORM: Entity Framework, Dapper, and Tortuga Chain. (Article)

Architecture & Design Latest Content

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Modern Java EE Design Patterns (By O'Reilly) - Explore best practices for automation, high availability, data separation, and performance while inspecting design patterns such as aggregator, proxy, pipeline, and shared resources to model service interactions. Download now.

No REST - Architecting Real-Time Bulk Async APIs

Michael Uzquiano talks about how to scale API to accept many items. He examines how to evolve the Evolution of ReST over HTTP to transactional, asynchronous bulk operations. He covers job descriptors, workers, the job queue and scaling workers across an API cluster elastically. He also talks about polling methods for job completion including HTTP long polling and WebSockets. (Presentation)
The next QCon is in San Francisco, Nov 7-11, 2016. Join us!

Beyond Breakpoints: A Tour of Dynamic Analysis

Nathan Taylor provides an introduction to the dynamic analysis research space, suggesting integrating these techniques into various internal tools. (Presentation)
The next QCon is in San Francisco, Nov 7-11, 2016. Join us!

How to Train Your Microservice

Doug Sherman reviews the efforts that took place in both the initial phases which incorporated targeted parts of the Spring Framework, as well as more current efforts that leveraged Spring projects such as Spring Boot, Spring Data and Spring Cloud. (Presentation)