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Reactive JavaScript, Security and Microservices, Discrimination in Tech, Facebook's Neural Machine Translation, AWS Lambda, Migrating to Java 9, .NET Core 2, Elm, Swift 5, Enterprise Blockchain

Talk: “You Build It, You Secure It” by John Willis at QCon SF this year!

Early on in the "cloud" era, Werner Vogels offered his famous quote "You Build It, You Run It". With DevOps this has become a mantra for shared responsibility between developers and operations. Now, there is a new movement to include and collaborate in a similar way with security. John Willis talks at QCon SF 2017 about how developers and operators can include security in all parts of the delivery pipeline, and implement security gates in the same way as they implement code test gates.



MongoDB Atlas - Database as a Service.
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The InfoQ eMag: Reactive JavaScript

This eMag is meant to give an easy-going, yet varied introduction to reactive programming with JavaScript. Modern web frameworks and numerous libraries have all embraced reactive programming. The rise in immutability and functional reactive programming have added to the discussion. It's important for modern JavaScript developers to know what's going on, even if they're not using it themselves. (eMag)

Security Considerations and the State of Microservices with Sam Newman

Wesley Reisz talks with Sam Newman about microservices. They explore the current state of the art with regards to the architectural style and corresponding tooling and deployment platforms. They then discuss how microservices increase the surface area of where sensitive information can be read or manipulated, but also have the potential to create systems that are more secure. (Podcast)

Jez Humble on Making Continuous Delivery Work and Responding to Discrimination in Tech

Shane Hastie spoke with Jez Humble about his Agile 2017 Keynote talk in which he refuted many of the common excuses why "continuous delivery won't work here". He also gave a scathing response to the "Manifestbro" controversy which recently unfolded at Google. (Podcast)

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When Models Go Rogue: Hard Earned Lessons on Using Machine Learning in Production

David Talby summarizes best practices & lessons learned in ML, based on nearly a decade of experience building & operating ML systems at Fortune 500 companies across several industries. (Presentation)



Is your database blocking DevOps success?
Learn how to overcome this by extending DevOps practices to the database. You’ll gain consistency, increase team efficiency and remove that last bottleneck. Find out more.

DevOps Latest Content


Serverless Security and Things That Go Bump in the Night

Erik Peterson discusses Serverless architectures and what they mean for the future of cloud applications. Peterson also explores how existing security challenges change and new ones emerge. (Presentation)
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Just how insecure are IoT devices? Fastly Director of Security Research took IoT devices out for a spin on the open internet, and uncovered some alarming data.
Here’s the state of IoT security.

Development Latest Content

Work in Progress - How to Make the World a Better Place

Joe Armstrong asks questions around the themes of software entropy reduction, making a personal computation infrastructure, adding trust to the web and storing data forever, to name just a few. (Presentation)

Get up to speed with Microservices!

Learn about pitfalls in adoption and discover best practices from companies that actually implemented them. (Article)

Java Latest Content

Automated Journey Testing with Cascade

Starting with a brief history of software testing, we investigate Cascade, a new framework for testing “journeys”, eliminating overlapping coverage to produce fast unit tests. (Article)

Migrating Speedment to Java 9

Dan Lawesson talks about his experience migrating Speedment to Java 9. He covers examples such as test frameworks failing and dependencies needing to be reworked to accommodate the stricter Java 9 modularization. (Presentation)
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The Java Evolution of Eclipse Collections

Kristen O'Leary talks about some of the newest features from the 8.0.0 release including the use of Java 8 features such as Collectors, Optional and SummaryStatistics. These new interactions allow developers to have a more seamless experience coding using both Eclipse Collections and Java. She also discusses some of the upcoming changes to the framework to better prepare for Java 9. (Presentation)
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Fearless AWS Lambdas

John Chapin gives an overview of the JVM runtime for AWS Lambda, as well as a comprehensive look at JVM-based Lambda performance across a range of use cases. He outlines a set of criteria to help engineers decide whether or not to choose the JVM over the other options. He gives strategies, tips, and examples for developing efficient, performant AWS Lambda functions in a variety of JVM languages. (Presentation)
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What's new in the Java landscape?

Learn more about where its different components are in terms of adoption: Java SE Innovation, Java EE Early Majority and Reactive. (Article)

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C# 7, 8 and beyond: Language Features from Design to Release to IDE Support

Kevin Pilch tours C# 7, highlighting new features -pattern matching, tuples, local functions and more-, sharing insights into the language design process, and discussing potential features for C# 8. (Presentation)
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Dynamic Languages Latest Content

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Avoiding React Performance Pitfalls

Alex Grigoryan discusses the performance problems found and their solutions moving from Backbone/Java to React/Node.js at @WalmartLabs. (Presentation)

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IoT for Big Machines

Jayant Thomas discusses Predix, GE’s IoT Cloud, and how one can use anomaly detection on an IoT cloud and scale it up for multiple industrial assets to provide insights about the big machines. (Presentation)

Architecture & Design Latest Content

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Driving Architectural Simplicity - The Value, Challenge, and Practice of Simple Solutions

Simple architectures are the most efficient and, subsequently, successful over their lifetime. Achieving simplicity is hard and requires continuous dedication. As an industry, we need to focus more on the system quality of architectural simplicity. (Article)

How to Survive the API Copyright Apocalypse

Steven Willmott recommends avoiding the possible API copyright troubles by sharing API definitions rather than copyrighting them. (Presentation)



Free Microservices Reference Architecture. Learn how to connect, secure and scale microservices in this exclusive ebook by NGINX Chief Architect of Microservices.
Download this Practical Guide to Microservices.

Culture & Methods Latest Content

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Q&A on the Book "The Stupidity Paradox"

In "The Stupidity Paradox", Andre Spicer and Mats Alvesson explore how knowledge intensive organizations employ smart people and encourage them to do stupid things. Functional stupidity can be catastrophic, however a dose of stupidity can be useful. The book advises how to counter stupidity or reduce the consequences, how to exploit it, and how to benefit from it. (Article)

Stop Managing Tech People! Empower Them to Build What You Need

Benjamin Brial suggests reorganizing a company by trusting employees, letting them work on something they enjoy, and sharing the benefits with them. (Presentation)

What Makes an Agile Manager?

Roisi Proven discusses what an agile project looks like to different people, what common misconceptions are attached to some of these titles, and all the ways in which they intersect. (Presentation)

Building Great Teams: Culture and Core Protocols

Richard Kasperowski lays out the case for Continuous Teaming with learning activity-sets using elements from improvisational theater, The Core Protocols, Extreme Programming, and more. (Presentation)

The Top Five Secrets to Improving Team Communication

Debbie Madden discusses a five step plan to improve communication on a team, and to create a team that people want to be a part of, providing an actionable plan to work on. (Presentation)
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