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Java Reactive Programming, Akka, API-first at PayPal, Apple's WebGPU, Twitter's Mobile Web Stack, WSO2's IoT Server, Deep Learning at Gilt

Keynote: Our Concurrent Past; Our Distributed Future - QCon London

It's hard to believe a world existed before multi-core. Developers today use concurrency in all aspects of their software, every day, as though it is second nature. Join us at QCon London & take a journey through concurrency's explosion onto the mainstream over the past 15 years. We will also look at some of today's hottest trends (cloud, IoT, microservices) and attempt to predict what lies ahead not only for concurrent programming, but also distributed, from now to 15 years into the future.



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Jonas Bonér on the Actor Model, Akka, Reactive Programming, Microservices and Distributed Systems

Jonas Boner, CTO of LightBend and creator AKKA, discusses using AKKA when developing distributed systems. He talks about the Actor Model, and how every Microservice needs to be viewed as a system to be successful. (Podcast)

Lianping Chen on Implementing Continuous Delivery

In this podcast Shane Hastie, InfoQ Lead Editor for Culture & Methods, spoke to Doug Kirkpatrick, organisational change expert, author and advocate for new ways of working. (Podcast)

Data Science Latest Content


Real-World, Man-Machine Algorithms

In this article, we'll talk about the end-to-end flow of developing machine learning models: where you get training data, how you pick the ML algorithm, what you must address after your model is deployed, and so forth. (Article)

Data Science in the Cloud @StitchFix

Stefan Krawczyk discusses how his team at StitchFix use the cloud to enable over 80 data scientists to be productive. He also talks about prototyping ideas, algorithms and analyses, how they set up & keep schemas in sync between Hive, Presto, Redshift & Spark and make access easy for their data scientists, etc. (Presentation)
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Elastic Data Analytics Platform @Datadog

Doug Daniels discusses the cloud-based platform they have built at DataDog and how it differs from a traditional datacenter-based analytics stack. He walks through the decisions they have made at each layer, covers the pros and cons of these decisions and discusses the tooling they have built. (Presentation)
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DevOps Latest Content


Petabytes Scale Analytics Infrastructure @Netflix

Tom Gianos and Dan Weeks discuss Netflix' overall big data platform architecture, focusing on Storage and Orchestration, and how they use Parquet on AWS S3 as their data warehouse storage layer. (Presentation)
The next QCon is in London, March 6-10, 2017. Join us!

Culture & Methods Latest Content

TOP Culture & Methods NEWS HEADLINES

Agile as a Metabolism

Arie van Bennekum discusses the changes needed to become agile, instead of doing Agile in order to be successful in an Agile endeavor. (Presentation)

Make Better Decisions Together

Jake Zukowski talks about the constructive negotiation, pairing inclusivity and the decisive mindset to help diverse teams deliver quickly while still leveraging their strengths. He talks about how integrating empathy into a tech culture is a good move. However, an empathetic team mindset when applied incorrectly can lead teams to a consensus culture, destroying a product or service in its tracks. (Presentation)
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Teal Organizations: The Next Paradigm Shift in Recognizing and Handling Complexity

Dean Latchana introduces Teal organizations, who possess the qualities of self-management, wholeness, purpose and business agility, explaining how they succeed and how to adopt their approach. (Presentation)

Java Latest Content


RXJava2 by Example

In the ongoing evolution of paradigms for simplifying concurrency under load, the most promising addition is reactive programming, a specification that provides tools for handling asynchronous streams of data and for managing flow-control, making it easier to reason about overall program design. In this article we overcome the learning curve with a gentle progression of examples. (Article)

Development Latest Content


Untangling an API-First Transformation at Scale. Lessons Learnt at PayPal - Part 1

In the first of three articles, Erik Hogan describes how PayPal went from a monolithic, siloed architecture to a much more loosely coupled set of over 150 services with well designed, modern APIs over the course of three years. (Article)



How to Create and Consume your First Predictive Model. Incorporating predictive analytics into your application involves two major phases: model training and model operationalization. In this tutorial, learn how to create a predictive model in R and operationalize it with SQL Server 2016. Learn More.

Mobile Latest Content


Android Things Brings TensorFlow-Based Machine Learning and Computer Vision to IoT Devices

Recently released Developer Preview 2 (DP2) for Android Things makes it easier to use TensorFlow for machine learning and computer vision on IoT devices. Additionally, it extends USB audio for several IoT platforms, adds Intel Joule support, and enables direct use of native drivers through a new Native PIO API. (News)

Dynamic Languages Latest Content

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An Angular Wish List

Angular is an excellent, full-featured JavaScript platform, but a stagnant framework is a dead framework. New features enhance functionality and provide new opportunities for developers to build wonderful apps. In this article, Eamon O'Tuathail makes suggestions on how to expand Angular's reach into new, exciting ways. (Article)

.NET Latest Content

What's New in .NET Core Tools

The release of the latest Visual Studio 2017 RC joined an update to the .NET Core tooling. This brings several improvements, including changes to templating and many needed bug fixes. (News)

Architecture & Design Latest Content

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Operational - the Forgotten Architectural View

The emerging DevOps movement emphasizes development and operations staff working together as early as possible--sharing tools, processes, and practices that smooth the production path. This article is part of a theme issue on DevOps. (Article)



Microservices is about more than just technology.
Get a hands-on look to compare Spring Boot, Dropwizard, and WildFly Swarm using a handful of familiar patterns, including: exposing a service, configuration at runtime, exposing metrics/insight and calling downstream services in a safe manner. Download book now.

Architecting for Failure in a Containerized World

Tom Faulhaber discusses the new container-based toolbox for building systems that are robust in the face of failures, how to recover from failure and how the tools can be used to best effect. (Presentation)
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API Specification Shootout

Justin Wood and Giovanni Vigorrelli compare and contrast RAML and Swagger, do a round up of the other specifications languages, and present some conclusions. (Presentation)