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Understanding Java Modularity (JDK9) at QCon London

The major new feature of Java 9 is the Jigsaw module system. At QCon London 2017, Brian Goetz, Java Language Architect at Oracle will cover the basics of modularity in Java, how to build a modular application, and how to migrate existing applications or libraries to modular ones in JDK9. Join us and save save up to £360 before Dec 17th!



What PostgreSQL has Over Other Open Source SQL Databases. Its tag line claims that its: "The world's most advanced open source database." See why PostgreSQL makes this claim. Part 1 of this series look at storing data - the model, structures, types and size limits.
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Melissa Perri on What's Needed for Effective Product Management

In this podcast, Shane Hastie, InfoQ Lead Editor for Culture & Methods, talks to Melissa Perri, a UX and Product Management expert and founder of Produx Labs. (Podcast)

Data Science Latest Content

From Raw Data to Data Science: Adding Structure to Unstructured Data to Support Product Development

With unstructured database technologies like Cassandra, MongoDB and even JSON storage in Postgres, unstructured data has become remarkably easy to store and to process. Software and data engineers alike can succeed in a world (mostly) free from data modelling, which is no longer a prerequisite to collecting data or extracting value from it. (Article)

MongoDB Aggregation - Going Way beyond the Query

Nuri Halperin discusses the aggregation framework in MongoDB, explaining the pipeline architecture, major operators, and how to put it all together in interesting and effective ways. (Presentation)

Validation Methodology of Large Unstructured Unsupervised Learning Systems

Lawrence Chernin describes best practices and validation methods used to deal with large unstructured data, including a suite of unit tests covering the implementations of algorithmic equations. (Presentation)

Machine Learning Exposed!

James Weaver takes a deeper dive into machine learning topics such as supervised learning, unsupervised learning, and deep learning. He also surveys various machine learning APIs and platforms. Technologies including Spring and Cloud Foundry will be leveraged in the demos. (Presentation)

DevOps Latest Content


Agility in Containers: How Work Evolves with Docker

Adam Krieger discusses why containers have an impact on the entire organization, not just the developers through scalability, confidence of isolation and the reduction of cycle time. (Presentation)

No Outage Database Development with Spring Boot and Liquibase

Alan Barrington-Hughes and Pavithra Ramaswamy discuss some key concepts in agile database refactoring with working examples of embedded Liquibase change sets within a Spring Boot application, demonstrating a no outage deployment using nginx to simulate a blue-green deployment. While upgrading blue, green would still be available and functioning. (Presentation)



Application Monitoring for all DevOps needs.
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Culture & Methods Latest Content

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Ultimate Kanban: Scaling Agile without Frameworks at Ultimate Software

Ultimate Software settled on Kanban as its scaled methodology which went hand in hand with the company’s culture of autonomy. Teams define their own process and apply policies specific to their own context. Through the innovative use of flow practices and principles, Ultimate has been able to achieve many of the benefits of a Lean-Agile implementation without the use of a heavyweight framework. (Article)

Dennis Ehle on Visibility into the DevOps Value Chain

At the recent Agile 2016 conference InfoQ spoke to Dennis Ehle about the evolution of DevOps and the importance of having visibility into how value is delivered over the DevOps pipeline. (Article)

How to Herd Cats

Simon Hartley advises on leading people through a clear, strong and shared purpose, something that everybody wants to be a part of. (Presentation)

Continuous Delivery for Microservice Architectures with Concourse & Cloud Foundry

Alex Ley introduces Concourse, an open source pipeline based CI system that focuses on simplicity, usability and reproducibility. It offers isolated builds, a range of integrations and is built upon a proven technology stack from Cloud Foundry. (Presentation)



Put Your Java Skills to the Test - IBM Code Rally India (Nov 21st – Jan 7th, 2017) is a multistage contest where participants with the fastest race times can win great prizes, including one of three smart watches (choice of Apple, Samsung, or Fitbit) and a GPS Drone Quadcopter!
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Java Latest Content

Developing a Geospatial Webservice with Kotlin and Spring Boot

Sébastien Deleuze shows how to use a relational database without JPA in order to use advanced PostgreSQL functionalities while keeping a lightweight stack. He demonstrates the upcoming Kotlin to JavaScript transpiler that allows you to share code between client and server (domain model, validation) and to code your front-end with autocomplete, static typing and so on. (Presentation)

High Performance Microservices with Ratpack and Spring Boot

Dan Woods presents Ratpack and Spring Boot's complementary integrations, and demonstrates, through live coding, building a high performance microservice. (Presentation)

Next Level Spring Boot Tooling

Martin Lippert, Krris De Volder and Andy Clement showcase the latest features for working with Spring Boot - using live demos and live coding. They show the easiest ways to get started with Spring Boot, move on to advanced features for dealing with Spring Boot properties in property and YAML files, and demo the Spring Boot dashboard. (Presentation)

Easy Consumption of Microservices

Ted Tollefson and Shawn Sherwood cover the steps needed to extend Initializr to accomplish easy microservice consumption. (Presentation)



Supercharging your Microservices with NetflixOSS and Spring Cloud. Learn about the architectural challenges Netflix faced, what they’ve released as open source software, why this software matters to you, and how Pivotal makes it easy to consume Netflix software as part of Spring Cloud. Learn More.

Mobile Latest Content

First Evidence of Apple Aggressively Removing Abandoned Apps from the App Store

In the second month after Apple announced an App Store improvement process aimed to remove non-working or outdated apps, its first effects are starting to show, App Store analytics firm Sensor Tower revealed. (News)



Your CFO cares about DevOps: The Economics behind Continuous Delivery. This paper discusses the disruptions that have changed software delivery, why your CFO should support DevOps, key principles of DevOps maturity, and mainstream adoption of DevOps and continuous delivery processes. Download Now.

Dynamic Languages Latest Content

Realm Releases Object Database for Node.js

Realm has launched an open source object database for Node.js, allowing mobile developers to create and send pre-populated Realms to clients. (News)

.NET Latest Content


JetBrains Rider: A New .NET IDE Based on IntelliJ and ReSharper

JetBrains Rider was introduced in January of this year but spent the most part of the year in private Early Access Preview, not yet ready for the public. Now the EAP has been made available to everyone who wants to see what it is like to develop for .NET on the IntelliJ platform. There are some issues to be fixed before it becomes generally available but the tool is quite stable. (News)



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The Long History of Microservices

Microservices has a very long history, not as short as many believe. Neither was SOA invented in the 90s. We have been working with the core ideas behind services for five decades, Greg Young explained at the recent Microservices Conference in London, during his presentation on working with microservices. (News)