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Haskell, SpringOne, Fable, V8, Intel's Joule, Android 7, gRPC 1.0, Etsy's Architecture, Agile Manifesto 2.0, Machine Learning, Amazon API Gateway

QConSF Workshops on Spark, Flink, Git, RxJava, SpringBoot, & 23 More!

“I just don’t have time to go to training”, “I’d rather grab a book”, or “Those workshops are all the same.” We get it. We’ve heard it too. We’ve even said it, but have you seen the workshop lineup for QCon San Francisco? 28 half day workshops ranging from Building Kafka Data Pipelines to a Git Master class taught by Github? ...or Security: Red Teaming to Working with Angular 2? There are sessions here to make you change your mind.



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Data Science Latest Content

Christine Doig on Data Science as a Team Discipline

Christine Doig spoke at this year's OSCON Conference about data science as a team discipline and how to navigate the data science Python ecosystem. InfoQ spoke with Christine about challenges data science teams need to address to be more effective. (Article)

Machine Learning Fast and Slow

Suman Deb Roy talks about some of Betaworks’ internal data tools and platform, product-specific solutions and best practices they learned when machine learning has to drive the startup road. (Presentation)
The next QCon is in San Francisco, Nov 7-11, 2016. Join us!

Exploring Wikipedia with Apache Spark: A Live Coding Demo

Sameer Farooqui demos connecting to the live stream of Wikipedia edits, building a dashboard showing what’s happening with Wikipedia datasets and how people are using them in real time. (Presentation)

DevOps Latest Content


Getting Towards Real Sandbox Containers

Jessie Frazelle talks about the differences between application sandboxes and containers. She covers all the work being done in this area including but not limited to rootless containers, custom AppArmor profiles, seccomp profiling, and the future of container security. (Presentation)
The next QCon is in San Francisco, Nov 7-11, 2016. Join us!

SpringOne Platform 2016 Technical Keynote - 3

A keynote on: CloudFoundry Foundation, stories from Accenture, Bloomberg, Comcast, Manulife and McKesson using Pivotal technologies, and Cloud Foundry running on Azure and GCP. (Presentation)



Java in the Age of DevOps: Towards Continuous Delivery. Hear from James Governor, leading industry analyst and co-founder of analyst firm RedMonk, as he provides predictions as well as current trends impacting Java development in the Cloud. Watch Now.

Culture & Methods Latest Content

TOP Culture & Methods NEWS HEADLINES

What Exactly is the Agile Mindset?

We hear, and even use, the phrase “agile mindset.” But what is it, really? In this article several themes are identified, such as respect, ability to change, and focus on delivering value. Additionally, possible methods for introducing and nurturing these themes are identified. (Article)

Q&A with Diomidis Spinellis on Effective Debugging

The book Effective Debugging by Diomidis Spinellis describes 66 different approaches for effective debugging of applications and systems. It provides methods, strategies, techniques, and tools for finding and removing faults, and gives examples for using them in different settings. (Article)

Continuous Improvement at Scale

Ryan McKergow discusses how others have implemented scaled retrospectives, what worked and what didn’t work for his company, and shares tips on how to run scaled retrospectives and avoid wasting time. (Presentation)

Java Latest Content


SpringOne Platform 2016 Technical Keynote - 1

The speakers cover Pivotal and Cloud Foundry, the role of women in software development, containers and broken culture, experiences shared by Comcast and City Bank building solutions with Pivotal. (Presentation)

SpringOne Platform 2016 Technical Keynote - 2

A keynote on the "circle of code" which represents the journey from idea to implementation to deployment and back to more ideas, and a demo of the latest features in Spring Boot 1.4. (Presentation)

SpringOne Platform 2016 Technical Keynote - 4

The speakers cover Spring Framework 5, the roadmap to 5.1 and designing reactive applications with Spring. (Presentation)

Apache Tomcat Roadmap

Mark Thomas discusses the new features available now or soon in Tomcat 9 and how they can best be utilized in applications. (Presentation)



Architecture for a Scalable Content Repository.
This paper explores the scenarios where a SQL database may not provide sufficient scale for your content data model. Learn about Nuxeo’s hybrid NoSQL architecture.
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Development Latest Content


I Don't Know Prolog, and so Can You

Corey Haines introduces Prolog, its syntax, the solver model, along with code samples on list operations to find all the combinatorial variations of a list using the function isMember. (Presentation)

Building APIs

Mat Ryer takes a look at the code used for a real API running on Google AppEngine, discussing best practices for delivering modern web services. (Presentation)



Hear GitHub, LinkedIn, Home Depot and others
speak about optimizing the data layer.
DataLayer, Sept. 28, Seattle.

Mobile Latest Content


Google Releases Android 7.0 with over 250 New Features

Google has started updating certain devices to the latest Android 7.0, dubbed Nougat. Usually, a new version of Android would start to be pushed to devices during the fall, in late September or even October. But this year they changed the pace, making available a preview in March and the GA in August. (News)

Dynamic Languages Latest Content

TOP Dynamic Languages NEWS HEADLINES

NativeScript 2.2 Introduces Webpack for Angular 2 Projects

NativeScript 2.2 has been released with upgraded UI, support for iOS10 Beta 3 and introducing Webpack for the Angular 2 based projects. The major release brings a raft of tooling updates, including the decision to use Webpack for the Angular 2 based projects. (News)

.NET Latest Content


Getting Started with ASP.Net Performance Monitoring and Optimization

“This web page is slow” is a common and regular complaint about web sites, especially since web applications started replacing desktop applications. While the web brings some desirable characteristics such as global delivery, it also brings its share of challenges at the performance level. (Article)

Architecture & Design Latest Content

TOP Architecture & Design NEWS HEADLINES



A Guide to REST and API Design - Learn about architectural styles vs. standards, the difference between connectors and components, using URIs for identification, media types for representation, and more. Download Now.

SpringOne Platform 2016 Technical Keynote - 5

Adrian Cockroft keynotes on the lessons learned so far on cloud computing and applying them to simplify future projects. (Presentation)

API-first Architecture Transformation at Etsy

Stefanie Schirmer talks about the case study of building an API-first architecture at Etsy. She talks about what problems prompted this drastic change, the new tools they had to build to be able to work with the new system and what mistakes they made along the way. (Presentation)
The next QCon is in San Francisco, Nov 7-11, 2016. Join us!

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