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  • Concurrency and Immutability

    by Dhanji Prasanna on  Jun 26, 2009 16

    This article explores the issue of immutability as a function of concurrency demands in modern software applications. The discussion occurs in the general context of dependency injection.

  • Domain-Driven Design in an Evolving Architecture

    by Mat Wall Nik Silver on  Jul 22, 2008 15

    Mat Wall and Nik Silver explain how their has been using Domain-Driven Design in an evolving and Agile environment, at high traffic news site

  • Using singleton classes for object metadata

    by Werner Schuster on  Dec 05, 2007

    So you have a bunch of objects - let's call it an object graph - provided by some API. Now you want to to process the objects - which requires some intermediate data, for instance: the process creates some metadata that needs to be stored with the objects. The problem: where to store the metadata? We'll show how to use Ruby singleton classes to handle this problem.

Book Review: Implementation Patterns

Posted by Amr Elssamadisy on  Nov 06, 2007

Kent Beck's new book, Implementation Patterns, gives a coherent view of how to write code people can understand that serves human as well as economic needs. 2

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