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How Performance Optimizations Shatter Security Boundaries

Posted by Moritz Lipp  on  Apr 14, 2018 Posted by Moritz Lipp Follow 0 Followers  on  Apr 14, 2018

Moritz Lipp explains how the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities exploit hardware optimizations to read otherwise inaccessible data processed on the computer.

Architecture & Design Follow 1628 Followers

Logistics as a Service: Building the Ocado Smart Platform

Posted by Paul Sweetman  on  Apr 14, 2018 Posted by Paul Sweetman Follow 1 Followers , Alex Harvey Follow 1 Followers  on  Apr 14, 2018

Paul Sweetman and Alex Harvey discuss how Ocado Technology has built The Ocado Smart Platform, a scalable, AWS-based microservices architecture, combined with GCP analytics and a robotics grid.

AI, ML and Data Engineering Follow 641 Followers

Real-Time Decisions Using ML on the Google Cloud Platform

Posted by Przemyslaw Pastuszka  on  Apr 14, 2018 Posted by Przemyslaw Pastuszka Follow 0 Followers , Carlos Garcia Follow 0 Followers  on  Apr 14, 2018

Przemyslaw Pastuszka and Carlos Garcia present how Big Data is handled in Google Cloud Platform to build an end-to-end machine learning pipeline.

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Enterprise Node.JS Apps in 2018

Posted by Jamund Ferguson  on  Apr 14, 2018 Posted by Jamund Ferguson Follow 1 Followers  on  Apr 14, 2018

Jamund Ferguson discusses tackling challenges with large-scale Node.js deployments, using async/await to handle errors, and strategies to embrace latest JavaScript technologies.

Architecture & Design Follow 1628 Followers

Cloud-Native and Scalable Kafka Architecture

Posted by Allen Wang  on  Apr 12, 2018 Posted by Allen Wang Follow 0 Followers  on  Apr 12, 2018

Allen Wang talks about how Netflix addresses the issues of stability and scalability in a cloud environment by having many smaller and mostly immutable Kafka clusters with limited state changes.

Architecture & Design Follow 1628 Followers

Scaling Uber's Elasticsearch Clusters

Posted by Danny Yuan  on  Apr 11, 2018 Posted by Danny Yuan Follow 1 Followers  on  Apr 11, 2018

Danny Yuan talks about how Uber scaled its Elasticsearch clusters as well as its ingestion pipelines for ingestions, queries, data storage, and operations by a three-person team.

Architecture & Design Follow 1628 Followers

Best Practices Building Resilient Systems

Posted by Pablo Jensen  on  Apr 11, 2018 Posted by Pablo Jensen Follow 0 Followers  on  Apr 11, 2018

Pablo Jensen focuses on best practices and lessons learned in building resilient systems.

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Electron: Desktop Development for Web Developers

Posted by Chris Woodruff  on  Apr 10, 2018 Posted by Chris Woodruff Follow 1 Followers  on  Apr 10, 2018

Chris Woodruff discusses Electron, how to set up the development environment, generate a starter project, and build some business logic. He will also start building a UX with the Photon control kit.

Development Follow 460 Followers

Practical Eff Monad for Microservices

Posted by Eric Torreborre  on  Apr 10, 2018 Posted by Eric Torreborre Follow 0 Followers  on  Apr 10, 2018

Eric Torreborre presents using the Eff monad at Zalando to structure a REST microservice, introducing an approach for dependency injection using the Reader monad (classic) and tree rewriting.

Culture & Methods Follow 484 Followers

The Journey to Continuous Delivery

Posted by Dan North  on  Apr 10, 2018 Posted by Dan North Follow 2 Followers  on  Apr 10, 2018

Dan North argues that the purpose of Continuous Delivery is to support business agility, and that people shouldn’t try to boil the ocean, but instead choose one thing to go after.

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SpringOne 2017 Keynote 2

Posted by Chip Childers  on  Apr 09, 2018 Posted by Chip Childers Follow 0 Followers , Paul Fazzone Follow 0 Followers , James Watters Follow 0 Followers , Niki Allen Follow 0 Followers , Juergen Hoeller  Followers , Enrique Oti Follow 0 Followers , Kim Bannerman Follow 0 Followers , Meaghan Kjelland Follow 0 Followers , Mark Fisher Follow 0 Followers , Cornelia Davis Follow 0 Followers , Erin Schnabel Follow 0 Followers , Mathangi Venkatesan Follow 0 Followers , Therese Stowell Follow 0 Followers , Jon Schneider Follow 0 Followers  on  Apr 09, 2018

The Pivotal team and their customers present an overview of the current Cloud Foundry and Spring 5 ecosystem, with a technical focus on cloud native applications and reactive programming.

Cloud Follow 223 Followers

Power of Google Cloud Platform with Spring Cloud GCP

Posted by Mark Fisher  on  Apr 09, 2018 Posted by Mark Fisher Follow 0 Followers , João Martins Follow 0 Followers  on  Apr 09, 2018

Mark Fisher and João Martins discuss using the Spring Cloud adapters for GCP to develop cloud native applications.

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