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Our Audience

Our readers and editors are passionate about innovating in software development, just like we are. Today, InfoQ has 1,500,000 unique monthly visitors and the number is growing. In November 2015, (our English site) completed its most recent readership survey. Here's what you, our readers and editors, told us about you and your readership.

Who are our readers?

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Results from readership study


  • 57% of participants are team leads or supervisors and 26% have cross-team managerial responsibility.
  • The top two "personas" or title segments with which respondents identify are developer (76%) and architect (72%).
  • 32% of respondents are innovators or early adopters when it comes to using microservices in their organization.
  • Technologies our respondentsmost use at the moment: NoSQL, microservices, and containers.
  • They are not planning to use Apache Spark and Hadoop.
  • Technologies/tools that they are currently using:
    • 83% development frameworks
    • 71% continuous delivery/deployment
    • 60% cloud platforms