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Joseph Jacks on Commercial Open Source Software, RISC-V, and Disrupting the Application Layer


In this podcast, Daniel Bryant spoke to Joseph Jacks, Founder of OSS Capital and the Open Core Summit, and discussed topics including the open source and open core models, innovations within open source hardware and the RISC-V instruction set architecture, and current opportunities for disruption using commercial open source software.

Key Takeaways

  • Recently, open source software and the open core business model have driven a lot of innovation and created a lot of value, particularly within the cloud “as-a-service” space. 
  • There has been some disagreement between the open source and commercially-focused communities, for example, in relation to the licencing models and how value is captured.
  • The Open Core Summit (OCS) is a new conference focusing on the intersection of commercialisation and open source software that aims to facilitate discussion in this space. 
  • Organisations building around open source software can potentially look at large cloud vendors as partners. Public clouds can provide effective distribution, and typically focus on offering breadth of services rather than the depth of expertise that can be provided by a specialist company.
  • RISC-V is an open-source hardware instruction set architecture (ISA) based on the well-established reduced instruction set computer (RISC) principles. Leveraging RISC-V can reduce the time and cost of customising chip designs.
  • A lot of recent open source innovation has focused on the infrastructure layer within computing systems. This means that the application layer is now potentially ripe for disruption via commercial open source software.

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