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Katie Gamanji on Condé Nast’s Kubernetes Platform, Self-Service, and the Federation and Cluster APIs


In this podcast, Daniel Bryant sat down with Katie Gamanji, Cloud Platform Engineer at Condé Nast International. Topics covered included: exploring the architecture of the Condé Nast Kubernetes-based platform; the importance of enabling self-service deployment for developers; and how the Kubernetes’ Federation API and Cluster API may enable more opportunities for platform automation.

Key Takeaways

  •  Founded in the early 1900s, Condé Nast is a global media company that has recently migrated their application deployment platforms from individually-curated geographically-based platforms, to a standardised distributed platform based on Kubernetes and AWS.
  • The Condé Nast engineering team create and manage their own Kubernetes clusters, currently using CoreOS’s/Red Hat’s Tectonic tool. 
  • Self-service deployment of applications is managed via Helm Charts. The platform team works closely with their “customer” developer teams in order to ensure their requirements are being met.
  • The Kubernetes Federation API makes it easy to orchestrate the deployment of applications to multiple clusters. This works well for cookie-cutter style deployments that only require small configuration differences, such as scaling the number of running applications based on geographic traffic patterns.
  • The Cluster API is a Kubernetes project to bring declarative APIs to cluster creation, configuration, and management. This enables more effective automation for cluster lifecycle management, and may provide more opportunities for multi-cloud Kubernetes use.
  • The Condé Nast platform Kubernetes Ingress is handled by Traefik, due to the good Helm support and cloud integration (for example, AWS Route 53 and IAM rule synchronization). The platform team is exploring the use of service mesh for 2020.
  • Abstractions, interfaces, and security will be interesting focal points for improvement in the Kubernetes ecosystem in 2020.


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  • No transcript?

    by Eric Pederson /

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    Will there be a transcript for this episode?

  • Re: No transcript?

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    Hi Eric and thank you for your message! For this episode the show notes will be added by the end of this week.

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