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Matt Klein on Envoy Gateway

When talking about edge proxy use cases, North-South is a term that is often used to talk about traffic entering a network perimeter. Envoy proxy is often used directly or as part of many other solutions when implementing these use cases. Today on the podcast, Wes Reisz speaks with Matt Klein about a recent announcement that Envoy Proxy will partner with many well-known companies in the space, including VMware, Ambassador Labs, and Tetrate to build and maintain a new member of the Envoy family – Envoy Gateway.

Key Takeaways

  • The goal of Envoy Gateway is to bring a basic set of north-south API Gateway use cases to market. These use cases are often undifferentiated and reimplemented by vendors using Envoy. Envoy Gateway will focus on implementing these use cases directly so vendors leveraging Envoy can focus on value-added features that are differentiated.
  • Gateway API is an API that's being developed by the SIG-NETWORK Kubernetes working group, and that is basically the next generation of the Ingress API within Kubernetes. It is different than saying API Gateway, though the features themselves often overlap.
  • Envoy Gateway has an early stated goal of providing a "batteries included" experience. While Envoy is not solely focused on Kubernetes deployment models, a first step to "batteries included" will feature a quick start from running Envoy on a Kubernetes cluster as a functional ingress. Other deployment models (or modes) will follow.

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