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Keynote: 10 Years of Kanban



In his keynote presented at the Lean Kanban UK 2014 conference, David J. Anderson talks about the history of Kanban applied in IT, knowledge work and creative services, telling the time line of innovations and adoption, and much more. David also draws conclusions on what we've learned in 10 years of Kanban and shares a vision for the future direction enabling Enterprise Services Planning.


David J Anderson is a thought leader in managing effective teams and the pioneer of the Kanban Method, an approach to evolutionary to improvement, and the Modern Management Framework, a system of management for modern businesses operating in complex environments. David is also Chairman of the Board of Lean Kanban, Inc, a company that operates LeanKanban University and Lean Kanban Conferences.

About the conference

Lean Kanban United Kingdom is the conference for managers, team leads, consultants and executives who want to more reliably deliver the products and services their customers demand.In 2 days, learn how to achieve improved business agility through faster, more predictable and more flexible service delivery. Includes case studies (Skype, iTV, and more), workshops, and industry metrics.

Recorded at:

Dec 07, 2014

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Community comments

  • Amazing how everything changes

    by Vera Kleinholz,

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    It is amazing how the simple Kanban principle developed in those 10 years! In my opinion, the biggest leap forward is in software dimension - many tools have appear, a lot of them, like Kanban Tool have opened new possibilities and appeared the fresh aspect of good old Kanban method.

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