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Future Directions for Agile



David Anderson talks about the history of Agile, the current status of it and his vision for the future. The role of Agile does not stand in just having a practice, but in finding ways to implement the principles contained by the Agile Manifesto.


David Anderson is the author of "Agile Management for Software Engineering", a signatory of the PM Declaration of Interdependence and a founder of the APLN, an original member of the "Singapore Project" where Feature Driven Development emerged.

About the conference

Agile 2008 is an exciting international industry conference that presents the latest techniques, technologies, attitudes and first-hand experience, from both a management and development perspective, for successful Agile software development.

Recorded at:

Aug 22, 2008

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Community comments

  • Will we let Agile develop?

    by Deborah (Hartmann) Preuss,

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    I liked Anderson's query at the end: when people make proposals to this conference for these new ideas... will we let them in? or not?

    Good question.

  • Wow!

    by Olivier Gourment,

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    This is really 4 or 5 presentations in one. Extremely dense and high quality. David explains the real values behind the Agile manifesto (he "modelizes" Agile), compares Agile with Lean, then sells Kanban and finally CMMI. Definitely fine food for thought. I had to listen to it twice to start getting the key messages. Highly recommended presentation for whoever wants to understand where Agile is/should be heading.

  • Transcript of Future Directions for Agile

    by Martien van Steenbergen,

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    Great talk!

    Would love to work with a David and others to develop these principles, practices, and community and take them to new areas of innovation, leadership and management outside the software practice.

    Please see a 90% Transcript of David Anderson's Future Directions for Agile.

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Allowed html: a,b,br,blockquote,i,li,pre,u,ul,p