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Agile Teams, from Good to Great



David Bulkin introduces various agile practices to beginners interspersed with advice for advance practitioners.


David Bulkin is a strong leader, technologist and process engineer with over 20 years experience in applying Lean processes to manage portfolios, projects, people, process, and technology for competitive advantage. He has helped numerous teams apply agile project management and engineering methods as a practitioner and coach. He is a frequent speaker at user groups and blogs on the subject.

About the conference

VersionOne helped pioneer the agile management tool in 2002 – way before it was the cool thing to do in the software development market. Today we remain the only enterprise software company that has been 100% dedicated to agile life cycle management since day one. Our mission, Simplifying Software Delivery, is to simplify the process of software delivery via the industry’s most open, comprehensive agile life cycle management platform. From customer engagement to planning and tracking to source code integration, our goal is to help organizations scale their agile initiatives faster, easier, and smarter.

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Nov 22, 2012

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Community comments

  • References and Attributions

    by David Bulkin,

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    As the presenter of this talk here are valuable references and attributions; to give credit to those whose ideas were covered, and to provide a point of reference for individuals who want more depth.

    Stacia Viscardi a.k.a. Stacia Broderick
    During the presentation I had several fun interactions with Stacia Viscardi.

    • She is a well known, and respected, agile coach and trainer and she co-authored the popular book “The Software Project Manager’s Bridge to Agility”.

    • For more information, go to

    Remembering the Sprint Review in Sprint Planning
    • During the presentation I proposed that if you can’t articulate, in Sprint Planning, what will be demonstrated at the Sprint Review, perhaps the story is not ready.

    • This is similar to the concept of “Remembering the Future” covered in Luke Hohmann’s book "Innovation Games: Creating Breakthrough Products Through Collaborative Play".

    Done-Done-Done, James Shore and Shane Warden
    During the talk I referenced Done-Done and kidded that Done-Done-Done was a 50% improvement.
    • I was joking of course, but I seriously recommend that you learn more about Done-Done by by going to:

    • You can also read the book from James Shore and Shane Warden, "The Art of Agile Development".

    Done-Done-Done, It’s Been Said Before
    Per the previous comment, during the talk I referenced the term Done-Done-Done.<
    Being that there are few if any new ideas or terms, you can find several old references to Done-Done-Done, including this one:

    Done-Done-Done, Lean Startup Focus
    I gave a definition of Done-Done-Done that goes beyond customer sign-off to measure impact.
    • For those wanting more about how to better align software development with business results, check the book that started the Lean Startup movement, The Lean Startup: How Today's Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses by Eric Ries.

    • This seminal book does not use the term “Done-Done-Done” but it covers similar concepts in a way that will help many focus on the total impact of the systems we create.

    Uncle Bob Martin, the Boy Scout Principle
    Near the end of the presentation I talked briefly about making it just a bit better every day using the Boy Scout Principle of “leave it cleaner than you found it”.

    Happy reading!

Allowed html: a,b,br,blockquote,i,li,pre,u,ul,p

Allowed html: a,b,br,blockquote,i,li,pre,u,ul,p