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Controlling Your Architecture



Magnus Robertsson shows how to control the code architecture manually, statically and dynamically in order to avoid an architectural drift leading to a big-ball-of-mud. For that, he recommends ways to enforce the reference architecture through peer review, code analysis, and zero tolerance to warnings and errors.


Magnus Robertsson is a senior enterprise application architect that has worked with Java since 1996. He leads the open-source project AspectME that brought AOP to the mobile world. Currently he is a consultant for JayWay Sweden.

About the conference

Jfokus is the largest annual conference for everyone who works with Java in Sweden. At Jfokus you will have an unique opportunity to keep yourself updated with the latest development of the Java platform through numerous interesting sessions. Jfokus gather rock-star speakers, both from Sweden and internationally. The focus is system development with Java and surrounding techniques like dynamic languages and agile methodologies. Jfokus is the best way for you to get the latest trends and buzz about Java from people who live and breathe technology on a daily basis.

Recorded at:

Oct 22, 2009

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Community comments

  • Presentation

    by Paul Hickey,

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    The presentation here on InfoQ is poor as it only focuses on the speaker, and ignores his screen, so you lose lots of context. If you are interested in the presentation its best viewed where you get both. It may well be on the site as well but the site is currently down.

  • Re: Presentation

    by Bruno Vernay,

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    Well the slides are synchronized, but when he demonstrates some code, obviously his screen is missing !

  • Need to see the screen

    by volkan tufekci,

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    Thanks for the presentation but I think it would be much more useful if we had the chance to see the screen

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Allowed html: a,b,br,blockquote,i,li,pre,u,ul,p