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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Groovy.DSLs (from: beginner, to: expert)

Groovy.DSLs (from: beginner, to: expert)



Paul King and Guillaume Laforge present Groovy’s capabilities to build DSLs through several concrete examples meant to highlight the language’s good support for creating internal DSLs.


Paul King leads ASERT in Brisbane, Australia. He has been contributing to open source projects for nearly 20 years and is a committer on numerous projects including Groovy. He is a co-author of “Groovy in Action”. As head of Groovy Development for SpringSource, Guillaume Laforge is the official Groovy Project Manager, and the spec lead of JSR-241.

About the conference

SpringOne 2GX is a collocated event covering the entire Spring ecosystem and Groovy/Grails technologies. SpringOne 2GX is a one-of-a-kind conference for application developers, solution architects, web operations and IT teams who develop, deploy and manage business applications. This is the most important Java event of 2010, especially for anyone using Spring technologies, Groovy & Grails, or Tomcat. Whether you're building and running mission-critical business applications or designing the next killer cloud application, SpringOne 2GX will keep you up to date with the latest enterprise technology.

Recorded at:

Feb 18, 2011

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Community comments

  • waste of time

    by G. Stach,

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    Although Paul and Guillaume talk about their Groovy code, you will see NO LINE OF CODE, and that 1h 40mins. I was disappointed.
    @InfoQ Hope you'll check your videos before advertising them here.

  • Re: waste of time

    by Robert Folkerts,

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    Were you looking at the slides? All the DSL examples are lines of groovy. There were many lines of code. You may not like the talk, but your criticism is factually incorrect. How do you expect InfoQ to check videos for your criticism if your criticism are incorrect?

  • too fast, too much written on the slides

    by J S,

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    i missed the part for beginners?
    too much written on the slides, too fast slide skipping, too much "jokes"

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Allowed html: a,b,br,blockquote,i,li,pre,u,ul,p