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Your Beautiful Strategy Is Undeliverable



Tanya Spencer, Steph South discuss applying Agile techniques to exec and other non-technical teams to help them streamline and make real progress against their aspirations.


Tanya Spencer is an Agile HR enthusiast, Scrum Master, and coach who has supported tech leaders and HR departments in various stages of transformation. Steph South is an HR Business Partner for HSBC Technology and is passionate about bringing Agile principles into HR.

About the conference

Aginext is for advanced agilists. That means we need to listen to feedback and be eager to adapt to change. The COVID-19 pandemic makes our conference untenable in its existing co-located form. After careful consideration and collaboration with our team, our brilliant speakers, and our venue, we are moving the 2020 Aginext Conference Online.

Recorded at:

Sep 29, 2020

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Community comments

  • Great session

    by Jéferson Spencer Chaves,

    Your message is awaiting moderation. Thank you for participating in the discussion.

    Thank you very much for sharing your story.

    Would be nice to get another session on some of the mistakes along the way. That could bring even more great insights.

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