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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Apache Metron in the Real World – Big Data and Cybersecurity, a Perfect Match

Apache Metron in the Real World – Big Data and Cybersecurity, a Perfect Match



Dave Russell takes a look at a number of different organizations who are on their big data cybersecurity journey with Apache Metron, covering different use cases they are investigating, the data sources they used, the analytics they performed and in some cases the results they were able to find.


Dave Russell is a Principal Solutions Engineer at Hortonworks and spends his time guiding a variety of different organizations through the complexities of their big data journeys. He has spent over 17 years in Open Source, with much of that being spent in scale out areas such as cloud and big data. Dave is also a founding co-host of the Roaring Elephant Podcast about Apache Hadoop.

About the conference

Big Data Conference Vilnius is a three-day conference with technical talks in the fields of Big Data, High Load, Data Science, Machine Learning and AI.Conference brings together developers, IT professionals and users to share their experience, discuss best practices, describe use cases and business applications related to their successes.

Recorded at:

Jun 18, 2019

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