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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Serverless Design Patterns with AWS Lambda: Big Data with Little Effort

Serverless Design Patterns with AWS Lambda: Big Data with Little Effort



Tim Wagner discusses Big Data on serverless, showing working examples and how to set up a CI/CD pipeline, demonstrating AWS Lambda with the Serverless Application Model (SAM).


Tim Wagner is the General Manager of Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda. Earlier, Wagner led development of C# and VB at Microsoft, and he has also held a number of open source roles, including Board member for the Eclipse Foundation. His current research interests include serverless design patterns, performance optimization, and hybrid methodologies for operating serverless systems.

About the conference

Originally there are two Hungary based startups behind Craft: IBM Budapest Lab and Prezi. In 2015, Ericsson joined the organiser team for two years, and they still an active helper of the conference. Our goal is to get the best speakers around the World to help Budapest become an innovation HUB of Europe. We started to organize international conferences three years ago, and we have many sold-out, world-class events (mloc.js, RAMP, Stretch, Redefine, Amuse, Crunch) under our belt, some of them were named one of the best conferences in Europe by TechCrunch.

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Jul 29, 2017