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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Using Clojure and Neo4j to Build a Meetup Recommendation Engine

Using Clojure and Neo4j to Build a Meetup Recommendation Engine



Mark Needham shows how to build a meetup recommendation engine using the graph database Neo4j and Clojure, building up from scratch a solution which combines content-based and collaborative filtering using Cypher - the graph query language - to find patterns in the graph and Clojure to do the data manipulation.


Mark Needham is a graph advocate and field engineer for Neo Technology, the company behind the Neo4j graph database. As a field engineer, Mark helps customers embrace graph data and Neo4j by building sophisticated solutions to challenging data problems. Mark also organizes the Neo4J London meetup and blogs at

About the conference

The Docklands.JLC is a community for Java developers and those with an interest in the JVM to get together monthly in the Docklands. The Docklands.LJC is proud to be part of the London Java Community.

Recorded at:

Sep 02, 2016

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